March 2006

The R.C.M.P., C.S.I.S.,  the Canadian Forces, & a whole wack of others branded me a terrorist so I fled to the US to seek asylum. The clowns at Homeland Security turned me back, but atleast someone somewhere in the US knew I wasn't a terrorist so what Canada had alleged didn't stick & I was free, although that neary cost me my feet or my life had I fallen asleep at the side of the road out there in the cold. In the paper today there is a headline of some terrorist being picked up in T.O. by the border people when he fled. Kinda' funny how that happened. I ragged out the border guards when I was stuck at the border. I told them they were a bunch of terrorist harbourers & huggers. Maybe that upset enough folks to look for real terrorists & not ones conjured up by the imaginations of some of the fruitcakes who run this country. Anyhow my life is a piece of trash right now. It might get better slowly, but for now it sucks. I am also losing my hearing or it could be due to having my wisdom teeth still in there are crushing something that affects my ears. They are in a location where someting like that could happen. On Monday I go see a doctor. This will be the first time in over a decade I have gone to see one willingly. What will this person find. I think cancer more than likely. I have a sneaking suspicion. Or maybe some kinda' poison in my system. I know when I am healthy & when I am not. Right now I feel like there is a biological time bomb ticking in my body. If anything maybe my life has served some purpoase, maybe not. Anyhow I couldn't be bothered right now, I am treading water. In regards to the terrorist they captured, where there is one, there is probably more, you don't need to be a rocket scientist to figure that out. As for the commies, nothing to wierd has happened to me in Winnipeg yet, but that could be because I am under scrutiny right now. I laughed when I looked out my window the other night when having a cup of juice & I seen the flash go off of someone taking my picture from the building across the alley. I wonder who that is? One good thing about Winnipeg is I don't have too look over my shoulder for the thug of the week the Calgary Police has sent after me. When in Calgary I seen some cops plant drugs on some guy & told their internal affairs ever since then the police have targetted me & sent folks to disrupt my life. As well there was a well known terrorist living in Calgary & I told the RCMP, CSIS, the Canadian Forces & the Calgary Police. I think the Calgary Police were harbouring him & they knew that I knew & that is why my life became increasingly more difficult while their. Maybe they made some deal with him. Sorta' like he'd do no terrorism & they'd just look away.

 Will Canada ever allow bounty hunting? If so folks like myself could more than likely earn a good living.  I am curious as to why the Canadian government doesn't allow this?


I am skating on thin ice, but it's a pleasant kinda' thing seeings as how summer is one it's way & things will start moving again. I am in Winnipeg for now. I am looking for work. I've found maybe a few things I can do. They are not interesting or right up my alley but will pay the bills for the meantime & give me some breathing space until I can get a better bearing on where I will take my gong show next. Yes this has indeed been an interesting trip. My old workmates from cowtown will be going back soon at nearly $20.00 to do park work. I will be lucky enough to find something at $12.00 or more here. But with cheap rent & large bills to pay I just might have to hunker down here. During an interview a guy asked how much it would cost to get me to stay here & I gave him a modest sum. Maybe I am more famous than I think & Winnipeggers are slowly but surely falling under the Space Cowboy spell. Of course I have not devled into the art word yet & met any of the local artists. Maybe I should just throw down a challenge to Winnipeg, Manitoba, vs. Calgary, Alberta. Not anyone can be a Space Cowboy. So Winnipegers or whatever you call yourselves what makes you think your city is worthy or me staying here. Sure you resuced me from the street, which Calgary didn't do last time I was there. Well my friends rescued me, thanks Steve & Judy. Then there is Winnipeg. Frostbitten, broke & homeless, they got me kinda' sorta' back on my feet. Then I look around & see I have no friends here. Well actually 2 ladies, & I've begun running into some of the same faces more often. I got a little coffee shop I like to hang out at & make my blog entries into. There are all these funky old building I like. Maybe I'll just go do the e-bay thing like I mentioned on my former website. Disgruntled artist seeks a place to call home. Does your city or country have what it takes to capture the Space Cowboy. Just think of the new chapters of crazyiness or art or whatever that would unfold. Anyhow I gotta' get rolling. Thank you Winnipeg for rescuing me, but do you have what it takes to keep me. If the cities were people this is where I'd kinda' be looking at cowtown as I said it. Then again who knows maybe there is another city or country sitting there in the shadows going, well you know we haven't had any Space Cowboys, maybe we should grab this one before it's too late.

Well maybe someone wanted me to die in the middle of nowhere. Perhaps that is why I was left at the border. It was kinda’ surreal. I remember several times on that icy walk where I had gotten to the point where I was overheating, but due to the cold was at the same time freezing, then with lack of sleep, eating, etc., I came near to bonking out a few times. Bonking out for those of you unfamilliar with the term is when you are near losing consciousness due to overexersion, overheating, dehydration, or a combination, or something like that. Athletes are familliar with the term & so are folks who wind up in situations where they could get hypothermia. Anyhow I laid at the side of the road in the sun with the wind blowing, feet frozen & bleeding, contemplating whether or not I shoud just go to sleep permanently. It could have been so easy, but everytime I did, I found something inside that made me get up & go on.

 Anyhow now I am stuck in Winnipeg so my other blog for details on that. I have no idea what lies ahead.

Everyone is pulling my chain, or maybe it’s all just a nightmare, but I don’t think so. My feet are still fucked up, & I am getting broker by the minute, literally. I just bought a cup of coffee, with my last $10.oo. Now I have $8.00. No, money, no home, no job, no way out, well there is always suicide. I contemplate it more & more each day. Why not, this way no one will win. Pawn off my camera, take some sleeping pills, get a two-six of whiskey, & then nighty, night.

I am currently surrounded by various people from various agencies, they think they are programming me, but it’s the other way around. I am trying to find out who has set me up, so if anyone maybe these folks know or can be traced to those who know. Anyhow my life has become some sad spy novel. Stay away from Canada. Everyone is mentally ill, & I guess I am the only sane one elft. As for the thing about the commies maybe it is more than true. I am surrounded, by who I have no idea. It just goes to show how things can go astray & how stupid Canadians are. No I am surrounded by idiots from other countries. Find me now & find some spies.

If things weren’t wierd before they sure are now. I am surrounded by folks who think I am someone else. It just gets stranger & stranger, & stranger all the time. Like I said in another blog or maybe in this one I typed my real name into the people search thing & found about 30 other people of the same name. Maybe someone is impersonating me, or thinks I am soneone else. So it begs to question, where does one draw the lines of reality, or are people so caught up in whatever is presented to not sit there & think about it, or draw your own conclusions. Obviously folks need to improve on their reading skills. & Like I said there is so much slang out there it all depends on where you come from. Whatever happened to what was said is what was said? How one processes information is another thing, look at dsylexics for example. Anyhow time is short since I am feeding this machine toonies I don’t have a lot of time. So my distrust of everyone & everything grows, maybe I’ll go become a monk in Tibet. Or maybe I’ll go live in the bush there ar just way too many crazy folks out there. Folks think I am crazy look at themselves first.

Well I don’t know what was going on, but I am not wated man. I am alive, safe & well. Gotta’ get on with life I guess. Can’t wait to get back to making art.

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