April 2006

I don't know it seems kinda' strange to have some army guys & gals in Afghanistan, but on the other hand turn a blind eye to the terrorists who call Canada home. Is it just me or is there something wrong here? Also why don't they allow bounty hunting of terrorists? Canada is indeed an odd place in my opinion. Then there's all the terrorist huggers. They are gunning for me in one way or another. I have to laugh, it's just so retarded. Canada can harbour it's terrorists & try to make me love them, but I will never. Anyhow I wander around Calgary & the seeds of insanity the CPS, CSIS, RCMP, & CF have sown in this town in regards to me blossom everywhere. "He's being programmed!" the really stupid ones exclaim & get all wiggy like the girls did back in the 50's & 60's when the Beatles or Elvis played. I laugh my ass off when this happens. Of course there are some Calgarians who are wise to this non-sense & tell their stupid brainwashed friends it's not so. Those are folks who have lived outside of Calgary, who have lived adventurous lives, are educated, & are not communist, homo-sexual, retarded, terrorist huggers like the majority of Calgarians are, & an ever increeasing number of other Canadians. Yes the commies & terrorist huggers are hard at work here in Canada trying to convert people into hating the US, UK, & the coalition.

In response to this ever increasing hatred of members of the US, UK, & coalition, citizens of those countries should take vacations in other countries, invest their money elsewhere, & consider pulling their companies from Canada I think. Why feed the beast, it will only try to bite you in the ass in the end. Canada well most of Canada is becoming like a rabid dog. Foaming at the mouth. Cleverly sickened & twisted by the communists & terrorist huggers. My hope is in writing this one day there will be a turning point. Where Canada will become once again what it was. That is highly unlikely but I can dream can't I? If I could I would take Canada to the world court for harbouring terrorists if there were such a thing. Anyhow I am not alone in this opinion? There are several folks like myself in this country, watching & waiting to see where Canada is going? Will my prediction of Canada doing what I say it might come true? Will Canada be the main battleground of ww3? Only time will tell. If Canada did become the site of ww3 I would be delighted (well not really, my favourite coffee spot would be ruined, I'd have no more Calgarians to entertain me & mock).Of course one has to wonder what the shape of the world would be like after such an event. Maybe there wouldn't be a world as we know it. Maybe it'd be like Mad Max. Dog eat dog & everyman for him or herself. If that was the case I wonder if there would be a Thunder Dome? Oh if there was I'd hang out there & challenge everyone from the CPS, CSIS, RCMP, & CF who came to town. Yes that is the only way I could get revenge on them for all the dastardly things they have done, tried, or have failed at. Wouldn't that be something if Tina Turner was there too & she was singing Thunder Dome. Oh that would be awesome. At Ronald Raegan airport in Washington, DC, I kinda felt like Mad Max when wandering through the security folks for the metal detectors, & x-ray. Of course I wasn't carrying weapons, but the amount of electronics I had on me was hilarious & for anyone who looked at me they think I just had an iPOD & a large carry on bag. I told the guards it'd take a while & I made very big, calm & slow gestures. It also helped that I went through there 3 weeks earlier. Anyhow I took off my iPOD, then took my phones out of my pocket, then my pda, then took out my laptop, digital camera, video camera, then took my combat boots off due to the steel shanks, hat, shades, hair elastic, then cables & peripherals. So with 4 grey boxes full of stuff I headed through the checkpoint, the guards were almost laughing cuz it was true it did take a long time well 5 to 10 minutes. Then once through I had to pack it all into the carry on bag & stow it on my person. It was just crazy, but funny. Anyhow now I just have my laptop, 1 phone, my iPOD is broken, so is my PDA, the other stuff I had to pawn or lost along the rest of my journey. I went to go play a new game I picked up today & discovered I had lost my wireless mouse. I still had the reciever part I plug into the pc but the mouse is out on the road between here & Winnipeg.(Yes I now raid the bargain bins for games. I can find games here for $10-20 but they aren't the same or as good as the selection further east) I can no longer just buy almost whatever captures my fancy. The high end software $500 & up was a little out of my league & I was too impatient to save. Maybe this time around I'll get things straightened out. It seems once every 5 to 7 years I have a major meltdown or change in direction.

Yes Calgary compared to other parts of Canada really sucks for games. Yes there are new releases here, but in other parts there are discount stores where you can get last years or 6 months ago titles at $10-20. When in a situation like myself where I can't throw $100 at new software every 2 weeks anymore stores like that are awesome. Yes I am missing my city job. I could've kept my electronics, & been upgrading my laptop to maximum ram, & everything else I could cram into it or upgrade but can't. Hell I can't even file for bankruptcy yet cuz I don't have enough money yet. Anyhow that is my scenario. Broke, bored, & none the worse for wear I guess. Well actually who can say really. I am off to a snails pace somewhere. Maybe in a couple of months I'll land some cool gig where I can either make a lot of money or save a lot due to being in an isolated area & then go galavanting again. I have been here for almost 2 weeks, well a week & a half but am getting restless & feeling like it's time to go, but I must fisrt start cleaning up this disaster I am in. To top it all off, what part of bankrupt do folks not understand? Everyone seems to think I have endless amounts of cash or that I can live on nothing. Wrong. Hello, I am in shit up to my eyeballs. It sucks to have to declare bankruptcy but it's my only option. I tired working out a deal with one of my creditors but another jumped the gun & got some collection agency after me. Thing is I have nothing of value so what are they gonna' collect? Maybe I'll get lucky & cook up some good beats, put together a new cd, make a new chapbook, get a new website then somehow against all odds sell some of my stuff on the internet or on e-BAY. I have been considering hunting down some Hollywood folks & saying hey have I got a script for you. Then again a lot of movies are inspired by me (or so I'd like to think so, just kidding, but then again who knows for sure)


Well the Omega dude is on crack I must say, just like most Calgarians his IQ is not much greater than that of a cow. If you read his 2nd comment that says it all. I edited his comment & added the last little bit just too make it that much more of a mockery. All these folks in Calgary & Canada say all this outlandish shit yet they show no documentation or proof of their work what so ever. I on the other hand am using the same dumb technique I learned in high school after watching a little short film called the wave. I have had endless amounts of entertainment. How many more years can I get Calgarians & Canadians to continue on with this programming shit is unknown. I wrote that shit in my army application as a joke cuz I wanted to see how gullible & stupid they were & they obviously are. Anyhow Canada can dream, I serve Uncle Sam, the Brits & the coalition. Canada can kiss my ass not only for being a bunch of chickenshits & wussing out of Iraq & many other things I would list here but because this sentence clearly is an really long dumb run on sentence I won't.

This Omega clown is just a minnow or maybe a sucker. Oh God Calgarians are a source for endless entertainment. I just loving fucking with your minds. That is another reason why I'd never join the Canadian Forces as well, the American psy-ops thing in the army is 10x better & more funky & I don't think I could ever think like a flag waving Canadian if my life depended on it. Yes the USA rocks & Canada sucks, simple as that in my opinion. What I found most entertaining about Omega's comment was covert communications, ha, ha that is funny as hell. Blogs are not covert there are millions if not billions of them on the internet that is hardly covert. As for the other means he makes no mention of them so obviously he has no clue of other means of communicating or he would have listed some of them. Anyhow this is just a sample of the retardedness I have to deal with in Cowtown. If you want a good laugh come to Cowtown & watch me mess with the locals minds. I have some of my techniques down to a science where I can even just wrinkle my eyebrows in a certain way & they start wigging out. Also Calgary is the first place in the world where they think reading the newspaper is masturbating. Obviously these folks have not given themselves a good old rub & a tug, or whatever kinda' funkiness they can can dream up. I think if & when I ever get back into my own place I will buy a blow up doll & try to film a Bukowki like moment & ram it so hard that it bursts & go sailing out the window. Oh Christ that would take some amount of choreography, finesse. & luck. Not too mention probaly impossible to film just as a single guy, so I'd have to have someone on camera. If you want to read some funny stuff pick up a book of Bukowski's poems. Someone once said I was kinda' like the Cowtown version of him, I don't think so, but I have a lot of fun reading his stuff.

Ah yes, my first day to really wander the streets of Clagary since returning. I encountered many strange people as I usually do freaking out, he's part of JTF2 or is being programmed by the Canadian Forces. Wrong. I do not side with communists & chickens. That is what Canada has become in my eyes since backing out of Iraq. So quite frankly give it up. I love the US, UK & the coalition. Bush is God, well not quite, but I do like the guy. Chretien & Martin, Canada's former Prime Ministers were the great satan to use words Canadians usually use to describe Americans, British & coalition folks. Anyhow as usually I can't get shopping anywhere without everyone calling the security guards or the police on me. I was sitting at Starbuck's & the 4 police officers who were sent to watch me drink coffee refused to take a call for an armed robbery fearing that I might somehow drink my coffee another way. Yes citizens of Calgary while I am here you may as well forget about your own safety cuz the cops are too busy making sure I drink my coffee in an orderly fashion. I am truly sorry if anyone dear to you dies, gets, robbed, raped, beaten, or what ever. The cops are like I said busy watching me. So take your law suits & that sorta' thing to them.

Oh yes the welcome wagon came to say hello. A red Jeep Cherokee with the liscence plate of RUL 070 or 071 or some variation tried to run me down after I left the coffee shop. In it was a skin head, probably tipped off to my location by the 4 police officer who were watching me & to busy to take their calls. Or maybe they just liked the Starbuck's coffee. I know I am a fan of it.

Yes if you are from another country I invite you to locate me & follow me for a day. You will encounter the most savage & basest of creatures around. The communist, homo-sexual, retarded, terrorist hugging & harbouring Canadians. Most particularlily now the Calgarian variety. A most fierce defender of the Taliban, Al-Quaida, & other terrorist organizations.

How many terrorists call Calgary home? I know off hand there are 10 organizations that are based here, & there  are probably more. How many terrorists. Who knows. The terrorist huggers are too busy making sure I don't find them. Yes anyday I can expect thug, or gang of the week to come after me. This is what I have to deal with in Calgary. If only I would be a brainwashed zombie my life wouldn't be so bad. All I have to do is join the army, denounce the US, UK, coalition, & think that terrorists are nice people & I should do all that is in my power to protect them & hide them from the US.. Well there is not a bloddy chance in hell that will ever happen so Canada kiss my ass. Well anyways the communist, homo sexual, retarded, terrorist hugging part of you, which saddly enough is the majority. Of course there are some of us that don't like the terrorists, but finding them is difficult. They probaly go through what I go through. I could of course act. & then infiltrate them to see how far this insidiousness goes, but far too many of them know that I will never be a communist, or terrorist hugger.

I used to think nothing like this could ever happen here but here I am right smack dab in the centre of it. How many others are there like me in Canada? Who can say. Oh well try as they might to turn me a gainst the US, UK, & coalition, they never will. For me it's kinda' like the Bourne Identity but less thrilling, & less action. Then of course this is Canada. Hopefully there will come a day though when Canada is no more or it has become a part of the USA.. That last bit there might seem kinda' far fetched, but Canada crumbling isn't. I jst hope it implodes due to it's ridiculousness. I have never heard of or experienced anything so absurd since refusing to join the Canadian Forces, & like I'vre said in other places, if you ever see me in a Canadian uniform I am not there of my free will.

Then again maybe none of this is happening & I am just dellusional. The only way for you to know the truth is to investigate Canada yourself. I dare say it is far from what you may think it is.

& before I forget there are people who are neutral here or some that are just mentally incapable of nothing more than eating & shitting. Since Harper has taken over there has been a slight shift in Canada's overall outlook. Still none the less dig deep enough & you find the insanity that currently surrounds me.

Recently I seen in te paper a decline in US citizens coming to Canada for a vacation. I try to take my vacations in the US. The next one I take will hopefully be in the UK. If I could immigrate to another country I would immmediately do so.

 Oh & since Canada seems to twiddle it's thumbs in regards to who hangs out here I have started asking new questions? Today like other days I asked "Which terrorist organizations benefits from my purchase?". If I could give all my money to the US, UK, & coalition I would. Canada like I have said is not my cup of tea. This country is a terrorist Disneyland to quote someone else. I wonder if it willever change? Where & when did Canada go off track? Who was responsible for it? These are of course questions I keep asking. Also where is Canada going? You know maybe I shuld've just went to sleep at the side of the road on that cold day. I wouldn't have to deal with this. Whatever lies beyond I'd have to deal with if there is anything that comes after death. Maybe when the CPS sends it's next guy to mow me down I won't bother to step out of the way. That of course will then confirm all that I have previously stated. It gets tiring & boring after awhile.

Ugh! I am back in Calgary. I can't stand it, but for the time being I have to live in this hick town. Sure it may be the new centre of the universe, but there are just way too many commies, homo-sexuals, retards, terrorist supporters, American bashers, nazis, racists, rednecks, & the list goes on & on. Calgary looks slick & the whole nine yards from the outside, but I'd trade old Cowtown for Winnipeg, Thompson, Edmonton, Penticton, Kalamazoo, Washington D.C., or any other place in the world. Heck, I bet there are even more advanced places in China. The only folks who are more backward than the majority of Calgarians are the Taliban & here in Calgary you will find strong support for them chiefly among the white people between the ages of 20 & 40. (The face of terrorism & the face of terrorist supporters is an ever changing thing if you seen my old website you seen a few pictures of what some look like) Yes citizens of the United States right up here in Soviet Canuckistan is strong support for your enemy. I shit you not that is why my life is so miserable. They know I don't like terrorists & support what the US & the coalition is doing & that is why my life is hell. I wonder how many terrorists currently call cowtown home. I would estimate probably way more than anyone from the Calgary Police service, RCMP, CSIS, & the CF wold care to admit too. That's the thing. They are here, they are in WInnipeg, they are in Thompson, they are all across Canada, it's a breeding ground for them. I just hope one day Canada wakes up before it's too late, & something like a nuclear bomb by one of these bastards doesn't go off here. Of course knowing my luck once again all of Canada will say I am a terrorist, but hey I am just pointing out to the rest of the world that I am not one, but where many are, & they are here in Canada, casually working away at raising funds. Every year the government puts off bounty hunting I get more suspcisious of it. What is going on? Anyhow I am in cowtown like I said. It should be kinda' interesting to see how things unfold considering my recent exploits. Will the people supporting the terrorists make more agressive moves against me or will they try to keep a low profile? Too bad I wasn't like some kinda' Splinter Cell dude. I know freedom & democracy is indeed in danger when you have all these kooks running around. Oh well I guess I will just wait & see what happens. Will my predictions about Canada come true?

 I was gonna' fix all the times I repeat myself but I think I'll leave it in there. This only occurs in Calgary or around Calgarians. I have to ask why is that? I wonder if there other folks from other places who notice the same thing as well?

Oh & if you do visit Calgary & you are from the United States or any other country that is in the coalition if you wanna' have some fun with folks from Soviet Canuckistan ask this question, it usually gets some quirky responses either in body language, words or a combination of both. Anyhow here is the question.

"Excuse me, sir/madam/etc., but do you know where the Canadians are harbouring their terrorists today?"

Oh jeez you should see some of the reactions. Anyhow that is all for now.