May 2006

So there she was, Lara, not S**** but Lara S*****. We used to go to the same school at one point in time. We also used to be bike couriers in cowtown but not for the same company. Anyhow we have crossed pathes so many times I have lost count. Last time I seen her was when I was working for parks & she was working for cemetaries. We crossed pathes cuz our crew was doing work right outside of one of the cemetaries. I remember how she once said "you'll only see me when your life is in danger". Or maybe I was imagining it, or perhaps it was in a dream. Anyhow one time when I was really stupid & we met & she & I walked along a certain road she said she be my bodyguard & protect me from the maraudering homosexuals cuz we were just be chance walking through the fag stroll. Then we sang the Gambler as we walked & then she invited me to her place. I was dumb & said I wanted to go home & watch the X-files, omg what an idiot I was. Anyhow when I see her now I sometimes wonder could there have been something there perhaps. I was just some raggamuffin I thought in her eyes. She came from a familly that was better off than mine. Actually most people's famillies are better off than mine. OkaY so today when I spotted her I noticed how much she aged. Holy cow where does the time go? She looked at me & was probably thinking the same. We were in a crowd watching some dance thing at the Lilac Festival here. As for life in general it is strange. It would be strange if she one day met the Lara I befriended down in Michigan & the battle of the Laras ensued. I wonder which one would win? Crazy. How come I meet these chicks some of whom are like ninjas? Maybe I have a sign on my head that says if you are a female ninja you just might like a eccentric ninja like me to kick around with. What would be really wierd is if we were all cats. I wonder if there are any ninja cats. Kinda' like ninja turtles but not really. I wonder what ninja cats would eat also, I like pizza, but I like nachos as well. Maybe nacho pizza? Anyhow I am babbling on. I also met a guitar player who I sold my dobro & Master acoustic jazz archtop too. He said don't you worry they are in safe hands. That's good to know. I am glad I sold them to him. Almost anyone else & I'd have more than likely said no. Also as I was wondering around I thought of life in general. Seen the apartment I used to live in. Seen a new workmate, didn't bother to say hi. I guess I  was too busy thinking at how many different levels the whole area I was connected too. There was the apartment building I renovated, the dance school I took lessons at, the coffee shop I hang out at, the corner store I bought munchies & porn from, the bars & cafes I hung out at, the bars & cafes I performed at, & on & on & on it went. Some folks would ask why some called me the king of Calgary, & well I'd have to say I was very well known in all the arts, & theatre communities, almost all the musicians knew who I was, I worked for the city of calgary, I was an extra & other things in t.v., & film shot around calgary, I build some actual houses here in town people live in, I renovated several, I was the origanal relief peer counsellor at the Alberta Safe House Society, I busked downtown sometimes, I was part of some theatre groups, I performed at the Stampede, I build some parks, maintianed them & the list goes on & on to the point where it just gets dumb. Anyhow I left town abdicated, I wonder if somebody else is the new king or queen? Or do folks still see me as the king? It sounds so dumb really. I think what I liked most about wandering around is how I can say been there done that 2x or more for most things here in Calgary in general. If you wanna get really specific it is impossible to do everything no matter who you are or where you are cuz it just is. & to just think this whole spiel origanated from a post in the my other blog about a game. Yes how many sideicks have there been in your life? Or how many times have you been the sidekick?


Now that it is public there are terrorist cells in cowtown & they are funelling cash to the middle east how long will it be before there is an attack here. Like statistically speaking, factoring in economics, allies, enemies, etc, cowtown has gotten off rather easily so far which is good. But how long will it last really? Having done my own profiles of terrorists recently & other such non glorious folks, it is just sheer luck. Will my nightmares (I wouldn't really classify them as nightmares, more like apocalyptic dreams) of cowtown being blown to smithereens eventually come true, who knows, I am no genie & can't see the future. Anyhow with all the speculation, reseach, etc, I have done in the past & with what has happened to me, one has to ask why would I even consider helping Canada? Sure if I knew American, British, or coalition lives were at stake I'd do everything I could to make sure no such nastiness happened, but when it comes to Canada I just hit the old ignore button. Yes you are on your own, you left me to die in the snow, tried to kill me countless times, have tried to frame me, & the list goes on & on. Why in the hell would I help you. Sure I just stated a generality which anyone with half a brain could figure out which is as far as I'll go with helping Soviet Canuckistan. Anyhow though when innocent folks from other countries could possibly be placed in danger & there is someway I could help I'd jump at it. For Canada I have to simply say Fuck You. Of course if there are some of my friends who are in danger I'd help them. Oh & Ralph Kline as well I'd help out cuz he's a cool funky dude. Maybe I'd help out the folks of Winnipeg as well they were kinda' nice to me, & as for the rest of Canada, bah, humbug, to put it in as least offensive terms as I possibly can.

Also on top of publicly announcing to Canada what Canada did to me the only way I’d serve Canada is if they gave me my own anti terrorist unit which I’d hand pick personnel from a wide variety of sources, a licence to kill ( yes, like Bond, ha, ha), a nice budget, interoperatability with other agencies, loads of funky assed new equipment, & probably some other stuff. Of course that will never happen. It’s like some pipe dream. Oh & some floating aircraft carriers like in that one movie would be awesome & Angelina Jolie with a black leather patch over her eye as well. God she looked hot, I forget the name of that movie but it was pretty funky… oh yeah it was Sky Captain & The World Of Tommorow or something like that.

Well by golly it seems the rest of Canada is finally catching up & maybe even waking up. Today in the Herald I read a little article about some cell here in cowtown funelling money to the middle east. Now all I need is a public apology from maybe Prime Minister, former PM, RCMP, CSIS, CF, & CPS & everyone else who branded me a terrorist & tried to make my life miserable. Should something lie that happen which is highly unlikely maybe my opinion of Canada would change.

Today I went to go see Mission Impossible 3 for the 2nd time. Damn what a good movie. Yeah sure it's got some quirks, but still it rocks. Anyhow there I was sitting watching the movie thinking about my life, listening to the soundtrack, studying the pacing & all the little things that make it rock other than the cast & storyline. People were like it's about him. The army is programming him, the Canadian Forces made this movie for him. Get a fuckin life people when are you ever gonna' wake up? What part of Canada in my opinion is a nation of traitors do you not understand? As for me being at the movie, I happen to like some of Tom Cruises films, & this particuliar one is interesting becuase of the storyline, charecters, pacing, camera angles, framing (the way the camera captures some scenes for all of you morons who don't know what that means.), soundtrack, special effects & other things. I bet if you asked Tom Cruise if the Canadian Forces made this film he'd say you are on glue & you are really fucked up. It's just a movie. A spectacle. What more movies should be like. Hollywood isn't very Hollywoodish anymore I think.

Sometimes I wonder why I am still even in this country at all. I guess I just want to study how pathetic Canadians are & how the terrorist huggers & commies have braiwashed the majority of them. First off I will never join the Canadian Forces becuase the RCMP, CSIS, CF (Canadian Forces) & CPS (Calgary Police Service) declared me a terrorist & have tried & failed on numerous occasions to hunt me down & kill me, or frame me. Obviously they see me as a threat because I like to point out all the real terrorists who call Canada home. Also I shed some light on how CSIS tried to destroy some of the evidence on the Air India bombing & how some of that intel could have prevented possibly some of the shit that has happened in the world since then. I could go on & on but I get sick & tired of typing it all out, besides if you had any brains at all you'd have already found my old website & be familliar what I am talking about. Anyhow it's just so dumb at how Clagarians think everything in the world was created by JTF2 or the Canadian Forces. Fuck are you ever a bunch of idiots. What I find funnier is though how my taxes will probably be used to finance further cover ups & eventually take me out. Oh well Canada, commies & terrorist huggers I have already won, so kiss my arse. Oh & while you are down there do you think you could give me a rimjob I have never had one of those yet.

Well after chugging along for quite some time & then just listening to stuff I have done my first test burn of my new cd & it has 26 tracks & is just under an hour or a little over I aven't sat down yet & added up the time. Anyhow here is how the first test burn was arranged. It will change & there will be some more tracks added, etc.. If I still had my website I'd post some samples. A few folks who are on my roadtrip mailing list have got their ears on a few of the rough tracks cuz I thought hey why not let someone else hear them. The way the pacing is though is a little stop & goish. Not really but it's slow, fast, medium, fast, slow, medium, etc. Although I must admit if you think you have any idea of where the next track will lead you sonically those wo know me are in for a surprise. This goes from sountrack, to rock, to hip hop, to funk, to trip hop, to whatever. It's qute the sonic safari. Okay, now that I've babbled on here is the list so far.

1. Back From The Road

2.Nowhere Near Where I Planned To Be

3.Krash & Burn Zoo Style

4. Good Old Days

5. Godin's Gate

6. Sault Ste. Marie

7. Had I Know

8. Sniper Hunting

9. Jungle Momma's

10. Mr. Mo & Ms. Leicha

11. 303

12. Riding The Rails

13. Arlington

14. What Da Funk Is This

15. As Much As I'd Have Liked Too

16. Tuesday Afternoon

17. Ode To The Road

18. What If I Couldn't Tell You

19. There Could've Been More

20. Godin Vice

21. A Brief Look Back

22. Bombsaway

23. Just A Quickee Before Dinner

24. We Should've Just Said Good-bye

25. Song For Lara

26. Marathon


Um what else. I have no idea really. Like I said this has been the most pleasant surprise I had artistically in a long time. As for writing out the play I have most of it already done. I just gotta' polish it, fill in some details, leave other things out etc. I may even have to say it's about a ficticious person in a ficticious country, in a ficticious world cuz maybe affter all is said & done more than likely some folks will want to literally kill me, & others will hail me as a hero. I guess it depends whixh side of the border you are from, or what your political views are. As for how I will present it that will remain underwraps until I get into production should I actaully get that far along. Like I have said somewhere or is just s common amongst artists, is that it is easy to begin making something, but a lot harder to actually get it done.

Yeah big deal, nightmares, or is it a preminition? All the time Canada has spent trying to destroy people lives like mine while ignoring the terrorists who call this country home could be their undoing. Lately I have been having dreams of Calgary in certain areas just simply destroyed, big holes in the ground. I could possibly attribute it to there being so much construction, but if it were construction, chances are more than likely that would creep in there as well. No, it was destruction, I seen. Anyhow I just hope I am wrong, but if not like I said & pointed out so many times there are terrorists running around this country like it was Disneyland. I guess all the commies & terrorist huggers succeeded in their mission. They brainwashed Canadians into thinking the world is hunky dory. God bless the US, UK, & the coalition is about all I can say.

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