June 2006

I just found a little nugget somewhere & it relates to the UN & now it kinda fits in with all this wierdness & maybe Harper did have a hand in my current situation as well. Oh well who cares, Canada is gay, I will never join the army & even if I do I have instructed certain people to kill me if I do because that is a sign that I have been brainwashed. I guess the last decent PM was Mulroney. Jeez big chin & all he was still none the less kinda funky. I guess I might as well say hello to the new czar, but it might be too early to say for sure maybe he isn’t a commie, maybe the hidden commies were the ones who unleashed their crazed plans against me & failed time & time again. Anyhow if anything I learn quite a bit when I go rooting around for answers. Oh the things I know now compared to this time last year. Just wait til next year, actually maybe before then my head will explode due to all the new knowledge that is stuck in it. Yes meanwhile the average commie here in Soviet Canuckistan is going “Knowledge, what is knowledge, he’s lyin’…. I no it, such a thing doesn’t exist.” Yes I know I made a spelling error in that last sentence, it was intentional. Once again someone somewhere in Canada is going “What is intentional?” Or they may confuse it for intestinal.

Oh & as for all those Albertans currently in DC at the Smithsonian you can thank me for you being there. I am guessing I charmed the socks off of a lot of folks & they were curious as to where I came from, so then voila there you are, but really the only way to learn the truth about me is to put me on exhibit, or just set me down in a little glass box & I’ll write out my life story there in your funky museum. Than again Maybe have a camera on me 24/7 Space Cowboy Returns to Washington. Then you’d get to see exactly how I function, well not exactly cause then it’d all be staged. Yes life is but a play & we are all actors, or something like that I forget exactly what Shakesphere said. Okay how bout I just come back to Washington, make art, be an artist, make music, do theatre, & all the stuff I used to do before people started going all retarded here in cowtown. Another thing is well I have lived in many places in Canada so ALberta can’t take all the credit. & the reason why I am the way I am is because I was educated mainly by folks from the US, & UK in my formative years & I was taught freedom & democracy is something to fight for. Today communism or something like it is taught in schools.


Lol, the police helicopter is circling above trying to use it’s advanced audio equipment to listen in on me, but the thing is I am at the James Bond website & am playing the audio from the dossier in M’s computer. The folks next door can hear through the walls & they are like, s-s-s-s-h, he’s special forces, listen to him talking to someone from MI-6. He’s really British & is a double 00, LMAO. Anyhow this is just another example of how stupid Calgarians are. Go to the James Bond website yourselves & you’ll hear the same audio.

I bet if I wrote that I snuck into the JTF2 base while they were busy looking for me & had some coffee & doughnuts, they’d believe me. Yes, incase you were wondering the lads like Tim Horton’s, some were trying to be like me & drink Starbuck’s Coffee, but their weak stomachs could not handle such a fine & strong American coffee.Oh & by the way sorry guys about crashing your little 6×6 go-cart thingy, but it was fun to drive around, if you use some natural orange cleaner you can take the tires marks off of the balcony. Maybe when I get another website I’ll post a short clip off my driving it. Yes I even managed to sneak a camera man in there too so he could film me & prove that I didn’t take anything that would affect national security, but like I said I did have a wee snack. Anyways after that I went to party with a bunch of pirates with lasers & ninjas.

See I was not lying members of the CF, now the RCMP, soon it will be CSIS, I think there has already been some queer members of the CPS tie the knot. Run for your lives, Canada plans to make everyone gay. Someone set off a gay bomb here by accident or on purpose, more than likely on purpose & I bet I know who it was. It was probably Chretien, the way his eyes move around hint at it, look carefully at pictures of him, what do you see? Well, besides the obvious. Help, me please before they come cavity search me or you the unfortunate soul reading this.

It’s not my magnum opus but I have just finished a variation on a song called Jazzy Submarine Radio, & it clocks in at 8 minutes, & 30 seconds. It took my laptop a few runs at the mixdown to get a wav out of it, & then the thing wouldn’t play. A few more listens, & run at it, then I made an mp3 which blew up into nothing as well. Hmm. Anyways there I was it had caused my music application to stop responding several times & it crashed a couple of times, but I finally got to export the sucker. I have no idea what that means. Maybe it’s a good song, or maybe it’s a bad song. It’s kinda’ jazzy, I got Microsoft Sam again on the lead vox, lol, & then there some sample of some chick so I slapped that in there. When I get my pipes somewhat warmed up one day I’ll maybe throw some scat singing on there as well, or whatever. Damn I’m having some fun, anyhow like they say the proof is in the pudding & this is gonna’ be one heck of an accomplishment for me, like I have never drug anything out this long musically & I still have a few different sets of loops to draw from & make a few more songs. Anyhow I am not sure if this is still the same thing anymore. Is it Marathon or have I begun a new one. I have no idea where to draw the line or what exactly this will end up as but like I said I am having fun, flying kinda’ blind, but am getting the hang of it & am getting better at a lot of things.

Old Comrade Canuck is a schmuck. Yes non-stop attempts to hack my pc, redirect me, plant false info, bribe my friends, run me down, etc., oh it’s gets old really quick. Anyhow I wonder if they have hacked into Word Press yet, or Blogger. They tried to attack the ist-jdr.com forums. Where the madness & gayness ends is unknown. Canada is the pneultimate form of gayness. Anyways I was going to write a poem but I lost that vibe, cuz I had to go & delete all the repeat posts that were here due to old CC redirecting me, & then triplicating the signal, then launching it out into the internet. I wonder how they split my signal into 3 pieces. That’s kinda’ interesting. Anyhow inspite of the gayness my voice rose above their uber retardedness.

Anyways I think I am gonna’ go to Montreal soon, it’s closer to the US, there are more folks from the US there, if CC follows me there those folks will be able to witness the fruitiness I have been subjugated to while in cowtown. If you want to see people who have been brainwashed by the commies, retards, homo-sexuals, terrorist huggers & nazis, you need look no further than cowtown, the white Taliban capital of Canada where still millions of dollars go to the middle east to sponsor terrorism. If you don’t want to support terrorism don’t support cowtown, support Edmonchuck or any other Canadian city even though there are terrorists there, but the concentrations of cash going to terrorism isn’t as great. Canada is infected like a bloated beast in the desert sun, rotting, stinking, & full of maggots & flies, LMAO. Canada is a terrorist Disneyland & in the future they will betray the allies by siding with the commies when they least expect it. Maybe my prediction will be wrong, but there are lots of others who think the same way I am not alone. Actually the best thing folks can do is do like I am put Canada on the old iggy list & maybe after awhile they’ll straighten out, but of course like I said I never will serve them. If anyone sees me in a Canadian uniform, abduct me, then toss me into a vat of liquid nitrogen, then pull me out, smash me into a million pieces with a hammer, then collect the melting mass, throw it in a bucket, then dump it into Mt. St. Helens, or that volcanoe in Indonesia, well actaully any vulcanoe, or maybe I’d even settle for like some meltal smelting place. Then I could sorta’ live on in whatever they made in an abstract way.

I am starting to suspect a lot of people that I know are in league with Comrade Canuck. So there I am this weekend having dinner with my boss, his wife, & some friends. He say” We’re trying to help him get his status card.” Yeah right, where the fuck is all my money then? I am still owed some cash. Infact I only have reiceved enough cash to buy lunches, & some bare neccessities. This just compunds my problem with being bankrupt, cuz I don’t have the money to file for bankruptcy, & I am still ebing charged interest on my cards. Also I can not do my tax returns cuz that costs money, I can not even begin the long & laborius process of attempting to get my status card until the previous are taken care of & that takes the money that dude owes me. I often wonder if the RCMP, CSIS, CF, CPS & others told him to make sure I don’t get all my moeny so Canada can keep me in one place & I can’t do anything. It’s starting to look this way. & while they are keeping me in place they will build false evidence against me & then say I am a terrorist, all because I refuse to join the army. Like I said why would I join the army of a  nation of cowards, people who promote hom-sexuality, harbour terrorists, & a trying to brainwash all the people so when the time is right they will betray the allies & use Canada as a staging ground for the commies to attack the US, & UK. All you have to do is look at Canada’s refussal to help with the missle shield. Anyhow Comrade Canuck still knows I can join the US Army reserves so it has been his mission this year to try to destroy my feet, hands, especially my fingers since I could become a sniper, scout, or lol, maybe a reserve special forces dude (highly unlikey since Canada is doing all it can do to make sure I stay injured), & I suspect if I got anywhere near something that could chop my head off they would do it. That is probably from the terrorists they are harbouring. They probably want my head. Anyhow citizens of the US, UK, & coalition tread waerily in Canada all is not what it seems.

Well since lots of folks have labelled me a terrorist & are trying to plant false evidence in places I will say this. I now see the average Canadian as no better than the Taliban, actually the Taliban are more honourable. I'd never join them seeings as how they are too much like Canadians, so I just lump them in the same group. Terrorists, terrorist huggers, lame, retarded, communist, homo-sexuals, & a whole bunch of other things, I just don't have the time or patience to type them all out. Yes Canada the best thing you can do is exile me, cuz quite frankly my views of Canada will never change until the country no longer exists, & even then it will be just a bitter memory. The answer the a lot of the worlds problems can be found stemming from Canada. No Canada is a good Canada. Quebec should split as fast as it can, Alberta & the others as well. Maybe the few folks who like freedom & democracy then can finally brake the hold the commies have & the world will once again become a bit more balanced. Here in Canada there are far too many commies, homo-sexuals, retards, & terrorist huggers per square mile. Actaully if one were to locate them all, maybe there is a chance there are more terrorists here in Canada just hanging out than there are in the entire middle east.

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