July 2006

So there I am reading the paper as usual discovering how Canada is warping the minds of Canadians & reasons why I should escape while I still can or simply kill myself. In the editorial section in the You Said It Best section there was a little article about the picture of little girls who were signing the shells that were soon to be launched into Lebanon. Israelis have a right to defend themselves from someone who wants to wipe them off the face of the earth. I guess folks in Calgary think Israelis should just roll over & die. Anyhow I would guess it was someone from Hezbollah who wrote that response & it was a Hezbollah supporter who agreed to get it printed. I am not surprised the Taliban or Al-Quaida hasn’t started taking out full page recruitment ads yet in the Calgary Herlad or the Calgary Sun. Yes here in little old cowtown, more & more money goes all the time to the middle east. A lot of the world’s problems would more than likely cease if there was no Canada. Yeah I guess I will take the same view of the Hezbollah supporter but put it in my perspective & Canada should be wiped off the map. Also while they are being wiped off the map they would have to do with grace & aplomb. Of course today or tommorow I will be paid visit by the commies who will say “You can’t wish Canada was blasted to bits. We support terrorists, commies, homo-sexuals, & retards world wide, where else would they get their money & find a nice place to hang out, besides we are very fond of playing botchi with them, & if you don’t like it we’ll kill you, kidnap you, or kill you, then kidnap you, then brainwash you. There how do you like that, just take a look at Earle over there, he used to love freedom & democracy & he was a wild one like you but we kidnapped him, then drugged him, & finally removed his brain, now he is a mindless zombie like the rest of us. You will pay for your arrogance one day my friend, why, cause I am part of Comrade Canuck & we will squish you, you little evil, American, British, Israeli, & coalition lover.”


So there I am at Wal-mart looking for camping supplies cuz soon I’l be heading out on the road. Anyways last night I had a discussion last night with a friend about where to get some stuff from that was useful, light, & already road proven. We got to talking about our favourite stores blah, blah, blah. Then we got discussing fire & different way to make it. Yes fire is important so you can stay warm, cook food, make smoke signal to planes, make smoke signal to friends, scare away animals with, etc. It’s also pretty funky to just sit by & watch. Anyhow I guess old CC was out there monitoring the conversation. So today I thought well you know this is cowtown, I have poked CC in the bum a few times, someone will be on my tail, & sure enough there was. I went to various stores. The same people appeared at the various stores. Hello what part of amateur do you not realize that was. Anyhow I learned many of my techniques from…. I won’t say the source, because then you’d know & well I don’t want you too, ha ha. Besides it’s a source that is readily available to the public, but then if you believe what CC believes & everything I get is the “SPECIAL” edition, or the “CUSTOM” edition, or the “SIGNATURE” edition, lol. Yes like I said Bond has nothing on me. Anyways I decided to play a little hide & seek. I can tell who is following me by how they follow me. Anyhow I soon realize it is JTF2 following me in Wal-Mart LMAO. Anyhow they follow me, I change it too I am following them, etc. I just wish there was some inflatable hammers there cuz I would’ve hid around one corner & let that one dude have it, cuz he was dumb enough to follow me. Yes fellows you should cover up your tats a little better. Anyhow as usual I lost them, & I was just walking on my two feet, they had several people on foot, in cars, etc.. This is how unskilled they are. They can’t keep up with little old outta’ shape me, lol.

Yes crazy as it seems I challenge Osama Bin Laden to a fist fight. I’ll meet you any time anywhere, Binny.

Canada is catering both to the radical muslims & the commies. Those groups deem someone like me a danger. Anyhow when I hit the road again maybe I’ll go see if I can get asylum in the States or the UK. Also there is a chance I could track down the person who gave me the info 20 years ago & see if there is anything else I or others should know. That of course requires me to go to the US again. If could stay there as a refugee or an asylum seeker that would be wonderful than I could actually start getting back into shape & training. Something that will never happen as long as I am in Canada, because old CC doesn’t want me to help out those who love freedom & democracy. Also maybe I’d move down to New Orleans & help rebuild it as my way of saying thanks. I am just one guy, but that is one more guy helping rebuild it. Also then I could go bounty hunting say if there are stray terrorists in the US. Maybe go try to tackle the Phoenix sniper case. I just more or less need someone from the US to say come on down. Otherwise I am still under the impression the idiots at the border will turn me around once again cuz the RCMP have bribed some of them.  Then of course there are all my other talents in the arts & entertainment as well that I have stopped using here in Canada since Canada is unworthy of them.

Well it seems since I can’t sleep, & also due to the fact that someone was outside my window I will babble on. Yes this all extends back to the times of Babylon & such places. Where Christianity & Muslims started squabbling. Fastforward until now & you get what’s happening now all over the world in different countries. It’s not really one country versus another it’s one ideology versus another or one religion vs another. No one has declared it is officially WW3 but some have said it is WW3. Maybe it would be better off called World Religious War 1. IT makes a dumb acronym though WRW1. MAybe it isn’t. Who knows for sure. Anyhow 20 years ago I was being trained to be a christian holy warrior. Yes it sounded a little too much & christianity really wasn’t my thing. Today however I know I am not a Muslim, or anything else, & if were to pick a side I would throw my 2 cents in with the christians for what I have seen, done, etc.. Yes someone in the 80’s knew what would unfold now. I thought he was on glue & seriously needed to get his head checked. It has turned out pretty much what he said, but back then they could not forsee what devious devices they would employ or could employ. Anyhow here Canada is trying to make my life hell. But in doing so you just secure your own fate as well as others. Like someone said not to long ago this is gonna’ be a bloody knife fight until the end. What end that will be, or when that end will be reached is unknown. Heck this might go on a thusand years. Thankfully if it does though I won’t be alive that long. Anyhow I think my friend said after such & such happens it pretty much turns into an Apocolypse, the End Of The World, & other stuff like that. Sounds kinda’ loopy but look at everything, then ask yourself where does it end? Where did it begin & otehr stuff like that. Anyhow I am beggining to think that maybe I am wrong Canada isn’t commie, it’s Muslim & I am a christian stuck in a muslim land, or something like that. Actually that sounds kinda’ kooky. I am a …Space Cowboy, where’s my guitar? Yes I could slay many beasts with my music. If you don’t believe me look at the Soundclick charts. My music sinks like boulders. Actually I was having fun with where one of my songs is. Slowly tumbling downward into obscurity. Like when does one pull a song. When does one go okay I have sunken low enough. Still atelast I have music out there somewhere compared to just in my head or an idea. Anyhow where does this fit in with WW3, well if those kooks win, I think they will try to drag us back to the stone ages. As romantic as some may think that is for my that sounds like hell. No more surfing, free porn, music, video games, junk food. etc., etc.. Also while talking to a friend earlier on tonnight about this way more in depth I got to thinking about Satan. Poor Satan he must be sitting dow there in hell watching the news, & writing in his blog how the world has forgotten about him & how lonely he is & that ultimately in the end he will win over everyone & we will all burn in hell, & watch re-runs of the CBC news non-stop for all of eternity.

Oh well atleast my boss & his wife gave me a screaming deal on room & board, a nice comfortable bed to sleep in, free high speed internet, some very good cooking & a place where I could slap together the 2nd part of Marathon. Work wasn’t the greatest, the hours, or the pay. What lies ahead for me, the open road, ditches, hostels, couches, car seats, bus seats, airplane seats, boat seats, etc.. I am looking forward too it, & then there is the fear of the unknown. For those of you who have not been along for the whole journey I have almost died a few times along this trip. Only good luck, good health, & good training has kept me alive. Where did I learn most of my skills. Not from Comrade Canuck. From a crazy guy called Dan Fox, then after him many others. What I wasn’t taught I just did myself. It isn’t until you actaully get into some situation where all you have is you brain & improvisation, & good timing. Yes if your internal clock is not in synch with your body’s clock, & what you are capable of you will either fail miserably, barely get by, but you will recieve some sort of punishment or maybe kick the bucket, end up disabled or who nows what. Knowing what exactly you are capable of is paramount. Anyhow where I will go or what I will do is up in the air right now. I am looking at some new pieces of gear, just essential stuff nothing fancy, I can’t afford fancy right now, or gratuitous. I still have some of my winter gear with me ie gloves, scarf, beleclava, etc.. The beleclava I will keep since it is just one of those essentials. Maybe I’ll toss out the excess electronics that CC has stolen the cables too & I no longer need or is practical for what I am currently doing. My PDA. It’s really hard to say since I still don’t have a bearing yet. In another day or so I might. Until then I guess I will look at where I might want to go. Then if I get a feeling I should go here or there I will head there cuz more than likely that’s where I am supposed to be. Yes I am following an invisible path that a few of you can understand or follow. It has lead me on a strange journey these past 20+ years. My role in world events was revealed to me when I was a wee lad, I have tried to avoid it, but it has a strange way of returning again & again. Also there are other people around the world who know their parts. It’s like some bloody play that was written a long time ago & everyone knows what they must do. Folks here in Canada have been trying to keep me from fufilling my part but in doing so put others in danger. The longer I am kept out of the US Army the more chances the bad guys have of winning, & that’s what Canada is doing to me. But in this journey atleast I am learning new skills that I wouldn’t have were I actually in the army. Am I better off or worse who can say.

I was listening to the news & there was some blogger who said it is not WW3 until France surrenders, but I am thinking that maybe Canada will take it’s place.

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