February 2007

I bought Magix Music Maker Deluxe 11 & at first it wouldn’t work after I installed it, then after doing a system restore recently I got it working. I have created two new pieces of music. One is called Greeting From Mars which was inspired by some of the music in “Kill Bill” the other one is called Rain & Thunder. Not a very good name bought a cool little number. It’s a Brazillian, Latin, Reggae, New Age flavoured piece. If I am allowed to upload it from here in the care centre I will put it in my Sound Click page, if not it will have to wait until later.

By the time I am done tinkering with new stuff I will have 3 albums worth of stuff. So far the names are as follows “Marathon”, “Oddballs” & “Schizophrenia” Anyways I gotta’ roll.

Well what can I say, not a lot, been stuck here in this treatment centre for way too long. Some good has come out of it though. I got caught up on my taxes & a few other things. The biggest thing I have to worry about now is getting the wheels rolling on bankruptcy.

I wonder if that kook Omega still reads this, oh yeah government experiments & such, what a laugh, anyhow I’ll just have wait & see what kind of wierdness awaits. To think I used an idea from a movie to get this whole crazy thing rolling. I am an actor & will always be. If I get the time I should just write a screenplay. “How Canada Failed” I think I would callĀ  it.