April 2007

Well what a day. I started my new job, my dad came to visit, but I was at work, when I’ll next see him is unknown. After getting off work I went to Park Place to eat some chinese food. I piled on the hot sauce. It burned going in, will it burn going out? I’ve had diarhea a lot since I have arrived here, something in the water doesn’t mix well with my metabolism. Upon eating & then heading to Starbucks I noticed a guy with a US Army desert camo coat driving by. Maybe he was here seeing what I am up too, just kidding. Yes, the army now is something unattainable for me. Thanks a lot Canada. Oh well, I am getting long in the tooth anyways. I am a poet, singer, song writer, beat maker, artist, etc.. That is more than enough to keep me busy. Slowly but surely I am regaining my health. 8 months in medical care sure sucked the life out of me. With any luck I may get into a routine soon, & get healthier. I miss the mountains. Back in the 80’s I lived in Penticton, then later on in the foothills…damn diner is ready gotta’ roll.

What does the future hold for me? Probably not a lot adventure wise until I get a pardon, save up some cash & go wandering again. I’d like to go across the pond & see some different places & experience some different cultures. Oh & food, I love food. I am skinny or slim, but I’ve got a bit of a potbelly, I find that extremely humorous. Yes, I am growing sideways, hopefully I won’t end up as rotund as my dad.

If you get a chance check out the band Miss Crazy they got some killer music. I’ve found lots of good music in the myspace world. I haven’t been creating beats lately cuz I am still trying to get a timetable hammered out. Yes, knowing when I have time to muck about would be nice. The latest thing I have taken a stab at is making a piece for a friend that features elk calls. Nature meets cyber. Poetry wise not much. Anyhow that’s about it.


Well what can I say one day everything is peachy, then the next it sucks. Yes, my job at Wal-Mart has been terminated. I thought I had paid my debt to society several times over so it leads me to wonder what’s going on? Who doesn’t want me working? H-m-m-m-m-m-m-m it could be any number of people. Anyhow I guess I’ve gotta’ get a pardon. The bike ride to work was pretty long, I almost got smoked by 2 cars at night, maybe it’s a blessing in disguise.

If you get a chance visit my myspace site I have uploaded some songs, videos & pics.


I got hired by Wal-mart, & will be working in the hardware department, lol. Othen than that nothing is new. Slowly but surely I am exploring this town. It’s kinda’ nice to get away from the rat race that’s happening in cowtown. How long I’ll stay here is unknown.

Snow, rain, snow, sleet, snow, rain, snow, & on & on it goes. Anyhow not much is new, I went to go see a band on Saturday here in Lethbridge, they were called the fugitives. They are a folksie, poet, group. Good live show, music, & lyrics. In other news I have updated my Soundclick page with 2 more songs, & a video. I will be updating it more often since I have internet where I am staying. Other than that not much is new. Oh yeah I bought a new mountain bike. I figure ride a little, walk a little, then get into running & swimming again. I am super duper out of shape. I find it sorta’ amusing. Time sure does catch up to you.

I have made the transition from Claresholm to Lethbridge. It’s tiny compared to Cowtown but for affordablilty it’s what I need at the moment. 

Today I bought some new running shoes, perhaps I’ll start jogging again, cuz it’s free, & easy, well not really. I am so outta’ shape it’s pathetic, I couldn’t even punch my way out of a wet paper bag. I also eyes up some mountain bikes, I hate mountain bikes, I’ll take a road bike any day over one, but the thing here is cost. I have no job currently so I have to budget. I find it funny how the full suspension bikes are cheaper than the ones without, of course the trade off is weight. Anyhow I have cooked up no new poems lately, I have to get into a routine of banging out some beats, then upload them to my Soundclick page. I gave one of my teammates an mp3 of “Nowhere Near Where I PLanned To Be” he liked it. My singing is also another thing that could use tremendous work. Back when I used to do musicals I had a sweet voice, now it’s weak & raspy.

Anyhow I gotta’ start exploring, the snow is still on the ground here, by the weekend it should be gone. What I can’t stand is the kids who think that just because I have a moustache, goatee, & sorta long hair that I am a drug dealer. I had some kids asking me for a joint last night. When I was younger I befriended the Police officer at my high school & she had her brother who was in Narcotics check me out & he seemed to think I fit the bill of a narc, the only thing that prevented me from joining was one night I got drunk & just before blacking out I aimed for my friend’s house. I awoke in the morning in the drunk tank & was charged with “Being In A House Dwelling”. I apparently didn’t make it to my friend’s. The cops said when they got there I was singing in the kitchen, trying to take my cowboy boots off. Anyways after court was done the judge gave me a one year suspended sentence or something like that. Basically be good one year, go to my Probation Officer, & the charges dropped. Anyhow I guess I still got it. When my website was up I had the DEA hack into it & placed a link to their recruitment page. I just thought they were jealous of the other folks who I placed links too. Anyhow, today I am just a dude with schizophrenia, living in a 2 horse town. I will be going back to creating art, poems, songs, music, etc..

They say you are where you are supposed to be. Karma, fate, who knows how the world turns. Anyhow my butt is sore from sitting here too long so I will end this here. Oh & Omega if you read this or any of the kooks from CSIS, just think I could’ve been working for you but Canada chose to stick it’s head in the sand one too many times & in a time like this, that is something a country like Canada can not afford to do, nor any other country that enjoys freedom & democracy.