May 2007

I have never cooked chilli until today. There was no recipe book lying around so I made my own.


1 kilo of ground turkey

1 can of white kidney beans

1 can of tomatoes

1 can of corn

cayenne pepper

chilli powder

onion salt


2 handsfull of macaroni


garlic salt

ground allspice

1 can of red kidney beans


Cook turkey, white kidney beans, tomatoes, & corn in a pot at 7 until it steams (about 5 to 10 minutes). Add cayenne pepper, chilli powder, onion salt, & thyme (season to taste). Cook at medium for 5 minutes then add macaroni, sage, garlic salt, & ground allspice (season to taste). Cook at medium for 10 minutes with lid on top. Finally add 1 can of red kidney beans. Let simmer for 1/2 hour to 45 minutes with lid on, stirring occasionly. Makes approximately 7 bowels of chilli.


I bought a new game today, it’s called EVIDENCE, if anyone who’s reading this or has played this game & has some helpful hints or info please comment on it. Other than that just another day. Went to work, got off at 11pm now it’s slightly after 1am not much time to dig into the game, plus I had to defrag & make some fixes to my laptop. It crashed a couple of times while trying to play. I didn’t do what I usually do when I install a new game or program. Usually it’s install, reboot, run Norton OBC, defrag, & then play. Duh! The creepiness of the game I found so alluring I lost my senses. Anyhow that is all for now. I miss playing games with my team, but until I get a new rig, & a better connection that will have to wait. Playing games by yourself just isn’t as fun.

CSIS has nothing better to do than interrupt my connection. I say to them go bother someone else. That someone is all the terrorists, terrorist supporters, & such that are here in Canada. Me I am just some burned out artist. Maybe they are embarrased someone such as myself knows more about this country than they do. Where do I get my info? From the news, keeping an ear & eye out, remote viewing, & common sense.

Anyways enough about that. Tonight I went 10 pin bowling for the first time in maybe 20 years. I sucked, but it was fun. I would not get to enjoy bowling if there was no freedom & democracy. In Canada my heroes are the vetrans from WW1, WW2, & Korea. Outside of Canada it’s every man & woman in uniform from other countries.

The CF, CSIS, RCMP, & others I don’t really care for cuz of the retardedness that has happened to me in this past year & some odd months. Like lets get real it has been nothing but ultra gayness to the maximum so why should I be like “Okay you ruined my life, but I still wave the flag & love you.”

Days like these when I nearly died from I wish I had, there’s nothing really here for me to do but grow old & become cranky. Maybe if I’m lucky a bus will run me down.


Wow, I thought this post was lost somewhere but it got saved. Yes my connection has been sketchy, & slow as of late.


Anyhow this post was supposed to be a couple of days ago, but it is bubbling forth now.


Last night I had sleep paralysis. I hate it when that happens, if you are familliar with the shadow people you understand how terrifying it can be. Anyhow when that happens I usually say a prayer or recite Psalm 23 & things get back to normal. It makes me wonder, is it Satan screwing around, maybe it’s aliens, who knows really. I once was out of body & seen a shadow person exit my body. That was freaky to say the least. On & off in my life I have seen them. I think where this all started was when I lived in Penticton & lived with a pastor & his wife. Yes, when the pastor went on the road to do exorcisms he would drag me along as a living good luck token.

Yes, wierd but true, so maybe all those demons & what have you use me as a portal back to this world. I on the other hand maybe use them or have found a portal to other dimensions & planes of reality. Places where there is craziness like here, but is  more advanced technologically. Yes, places where I have been an admiral for an intergalatic fleet that stopped an alien invasion from destroying Earth. That battle was fought near Jupiter. I have skied on Mars, & done lots of other stuff. There is a base on Mars that has been abandoned in this reality, but chances are in won’t be discovered for a hundred years or so. In this reality no one has made it to Mars yet. Oh & the asteroid belt between here & Mars once was a planet but it got blown to smithereens in another war. We used to live there but moved here. We destroyed all life on Mars with nuclear weapons. If you ever wonder why there are UFOs, those are folks watching us & hoping we don’t destroy Earth with nuclear weapons. There’s a lot more I could babble on about, but I need to take a piss & have a cigarette.

Is Canada turning towards censorship of free speech? If so freedom of thought might be next. Maybe all the wierdness I have written about Canada might be on it’s way sooner than I guessed. If that is the case the US, UK, coalition, allies, etc. should be looking over their shoulders at Canada & asking themselves some questions. Anyhow I hope I am wrong.

I guess I will be an unofficial thermometer in Canada’s sphincter. It’s a gruesome job but someone’s gotta’ do it. Lol, jk.

Jagen der Schafe mit Flauschhandschuhen und Gummiaufladungen

Jeez, I type something, then my connection gets interrupted, again & again. Who is doing this to me? Comrade Canuck? I think so. Oh well what can I say. Canada is gay. Why don’t they go find someone else to hassle. There’s probably a good number of folks in this country who need to be scrutinized more than moi. Maybe I am the only intelligent one in Canada. Lol, jk. Anyhow the more they do, the more I type. The more I type, the more they freak out. The more they freak out, the more holes in the fabric I begin to see. Who or what is or will be holding this country together in this next ittle bit. Maybe Parliment has been captured & brainwashed by aliens from Mars. Mars used to be a good place to go skiing in another dimension

“Do you think he remembers” says the male. “Dusseldorf was such a long time ago” says a female. “It is the Space Cowboy am I not correct” replies the male” Yes they were speaking in various languages. My universal translator switched on. Images of places I have never been & things I have never done float around in my brain. The answers just out of reach. Then again I am just pulling your leg.

I have endless material for a spy novel maybe one day I should just hunker down & start banging out a manuscript. For those of you who seen me read in Calgary it would be along the lines of “The Space Cowboy” series I began.

It’s been a long time since I have read anywhere. Lethbridge is a small mopy town, just my style for now. It’s good to relax. In cowtown it was go, go, go all the time. Here’s it’s whatever. The world keeps on spinning. This is so far from anything or anywhere.

Call me paranoid or maybe right on the money but things are beginning to be a lot like cowtown here. People following me, odd events, etc.. Yes, supposedly tommorow some cleaners are coming to the place I am staying at. Of course it will be on a day I am at work. Can I stop it, nope, so I just have to speculate & get all morbid. Maybe Comrade Canuck has enlisted some folks to come here in the guise of cleaners but really are a team here to plant bugs, & other monitoring devices.

Anyhow do I really care, no, not really, I am more concerned about my dentist. I’ve got a ton of fillings done on these past 2 visits, got one or maybe several more visits to go. Will they try to stick some kinda’ sci-fi mind control device in my teeth like the tranmitter I found several years ago when the filling broke off, who knows. I doubt it, then again you never know, like I have said lots of strange & retarded things have happened in my life.

When did thigs start getting spooky? Back in the 90’s, ever since then I have just come to accept whatever happens, happens. The ones I find most entertaining & truly fascinating are the chicks. God bless them for turning my guts inside out. Anyhow that is all for today, caio.

Okay here we go again. Someone is following me. Today I went to the army surplus store & bought some black cargo pants for work cuz we gotta’ wear black pants & I like cargo pants cuz you can carry your junk without having to wear a back pack or whatever (ie fanny pack, a super gay thing from the eighties). Anyhow he looked like the dude that shadowed me on my last road trip, Comrade Canuck. Maybe Canada has run out of intelligence & I appear to be intelligent, but kinda’ crazy. Maybe CSIS is mad at me for constantly poking fun at them, who knows. Or is it the RCMP. Yes, I am a poet, maybe Canada is gonna’ outlaw poetry, art, free thought, etc..  Maybe it’s someone from the US or UK curious as to how I am. Maybe it’s like Omega said, China doesn’t like me. I have never poked fun at China. I like Chinese food. M-m-m-m-m sukiyaki beef with rice & hot sauce. For those of you who don’t know ginger beef was not invented in China it was invented here in Alberta.

I can now fight my way out of a paper bag, yes slowly but surely I am getting a wee bit healthier. I just need to get a schedule down then go from there. My current one is constantly changing so I can’t make any real plans. Also it’s easier to talk about it than actually do it. Canada having dealt me this current dish does not inpire me. The US, & UK on the other hand do. Canada for me is simply gay. I don’t take it seriously especially when “Odd News” seems to be more important than real news. One example is making rats gay. Next thing you know Canada will be one step closer to making the gay bomb. In that case friendly fire could be of the biohazarous type (ie jizz & other bodily fluids)

Anyhow I have babbled on long enough, caio for now. Oh & do try the chicken recipe that is on here somewhere, you don’t need to be a cordon blue chef to make it. When I came across another recipe that tickles my fancy I will jot it down, I know that some of you who read this aren’t the greatest at cooking & neither am I.

PS I wonder if anyone has burnt jello, yes you boil water, toss in the crystals stir them, then let cool & solidify. It sounds simple but I once met a guy who couldn’t make it. 

Speaking of jello I sure wouldn’t mind some pistachio pudding. M-m-m-m-m green & nutty. I love eating. I am eating more now than I have in many years & it’s starting to show around my gut. I ain’t got a pot belly, but it isn’t the 6 pack I had in the 90’s. Yes back then I was like Spider Man.

Where have all the pirates with lasers gone?

A little joke for those of you who know the back story

They picked up one of America’s Most Wanted in Montreal, am I surprised? Nope. I have been saying for years that Canada is a Disneyland for these sorts of folks. Everyone thought & still thinks I am crazy. Anyhow other than that nothing really is new. I work at a gas station. It is not my cup of tea, but until I find something better or get canned I guess I will grin & bear it. I find it truly funny, someone who was cut out for Special Forces now is pumping gas. Way to go Canada. Oh well I guess life as an artist is what I am now facing, which really ain’t too bad. Thanks to all the service men & women out there protecting our freedom cuz without them I would not have the luxury of being an artist.

Well what can I say? Not a lot. Things are okay. Got a job, got a few friends, & I’m sorta’ happy. Lethbridge is a nice change. Tonight I got to go on a trip to see some dam south of town, seen a wind farm as well. The past year has definitely changed me. What lies down the road I don’t know. Time keeps on going by faster & faster. Disaters, chaos, wars & such are raging. It almost makes me wonder if these are the end times. I met someone in Claresholm who claimed to be the Christ. He said in not too long all hell will brake loose & he will lead the forces of good against the bad. That’s the basic jist of it. I just sorta’ let him carry on cuz I’ve seen & done lots of crazy shit, who knows maybe it’s for real, but I highly doubt that. I once met a man from Ethiopia who said that in the end times I would lead some kinda’ army, that’s another thing I find hard too believe. He claimed to have read about me in the Vatican’s library.

My biggest worries now are finding clothes that will fit me. I gained some weight & now I am losing it. Skinny guy with a bit of a pot belly. I find that amusing. I can”t believe how disconnected I have become. It seems like leaving the rat race of cowtown was for the best. Still I have the hunger to hit the road. Maybe I will, maybe I won’t, who can say.