August 2007


Well summer’s winding down, the warm spell has ceased, someone called me a mullet the other day, & today when going to get my bike from the side of the house I discovered a pile of shit. The feeces had flies, some tiolet paper & was shaped like a pie. What makes someone do that? It’s just freaking wierd. Maybe it was the RCMP, CSIS, or the CF ( jk, I think I have mocked them enough). Anyhow if you’ve seen any of the “Retarded Animal Babies” cartoons it was a pie worth eating for them. For me it was just another pile of crap.¬†Okay enough with the poo, I went to a Japenese dance display at Galt Gardens below is a pic from that. That is the only piece of culture I have experienced recently. When it comes to arts & entertainment, culture, etc., I sometimes miss Cowtown.¬†


This is me on a horse. I last rode one at Stampede Ranch in the late 80’s talk about a long time ago, but with age came calmness. Horses freaked me out, but when I got on this one, I compared it to reverse bungee jumping, all the crazy rides I’ve been on & it wasn’t so bad. I also talked to it like it was human & it responded appropriately. Still none the less there were 2 times I got a little skitish one was when we first got on & had too wait foreveryone to get on & then at the end of the day when we dismounted, the horse was wanting to go to the stable & I had to wait for the cowboy to give me the greenlight to get off. I imagine if I were to get to ride more often I’d get to know the horse a little bit better things would go smoother.


Talk about fun, a bunch of us went to Calaway Park just outside of Calgary. It was cloudy & slightly chilly to start out, but after a few rides it warmed up. It also gave me one hell of an ab workout. I thought the roller coaster was gonna’ be the scariest but this ride pictured here called Chaos was scary as hell, I was almost screaming like a little girl. Basically it’s a ferris wheel with seats that spin 360 degrees perpendicular to the direction the frame is travelling. First you start out low & slow the by the time the body is at 45 degrees you think no problem, then when it’s at 90 degrees the seats start spinning forwards & backwards. It is just crazy at that point because you can’t get yourself oriented. Sky, ground, seats above you, seats below you, & various variations at various angles. One moment you are falling, the next rammed up against the restraints, it’s just chaos plain & simple.