Wow, I can’t believe I did not make an entry for September. Basically since the last entry I got food poising from a chinese restaurant here in Lethbridge & felt like I was gonna’ die for nearly a week. Then I got an eye infection, then I finally discovered Facebook & farted around with that. A couple of weeks ago I finally filed for bankruptcy, last week I was appointed “Director” of “Most Vocal”. This week I bought Half-Life 2 & it nearly killed my laptop. I gotta’ get a new rig soon. Maybe I’ll go for a desktop. HP makes some screaming machines. I spent this evening surfing various stores sites & found lots of interesting beasts. Having been my last 2 purchases I will more than likely stick with HP.

There are no places around here I know of where I can built a rig from a kit, or various componets. Four or 5 years ago I built my own rig it was fun & kinda’ scary since I didn’t know if I was doing it right. When I pushed the power button & fired her up & it actually worked I was quite amazed since my only references for how things worked were an antiquainted Power Mac & a 100 mhz PC. Later on that year as I upgraded various componets I farted around with overclocking. I got my 1 ghz beast up to 1.333ghz which was at the time kinda’ speedy. After that like I already said I bought an HP & then tinkered with that. Finally I ended up with my laptop which is a Compaq Presario V2000 which I have not tinkered with. As good as she is her use is coming to an end. Not knowing what lies ahead for me I have to decide on a desktop or a laptop.  It would be nice if I could get both but I don’t think so. I also miss making videos, I miss my old website. Anyhow I have babbled on long enough, caio for now.