ZaccheusVivian Hansen

  Wow what can I say? Tonight I took over the reins from Blaine Greenwood for Most Vocal as MC in a reading that was anything but ordinary. Poet Vivian Hansen & spoken word artist Zaccheus came to Lethbridge & rocked the public library. Blaine opened the show by introducing Hansen who then voiced the plight of some of Jack the Ripper’s victims. Next he introduced Zaccheus whom unleashed salvo after salvo of rhythm shattering poetry. We had a little break then I stepped up to the mic & introduced myself & we were off to the races again. If you ever get a chance to see either of them in action do so you will not be disappointed.

  In other news not a whole lot is going on with me. I eat, sleep, go to work, & dream of going wandering once again. That won’t happen of course until I save up a little bit of cash. For my next trip I’d like to go across the pond