February 2008

Poetry has crept into the night

But I don’t know what to write

I wish I had a Lite-brite

That would be dynamite

Is Leonard Cohen’s scrotum soft as mine?

Who knows?

Who cares?

Where to go now?

What to do now?

I was aiming for structure

But it fell apart

A little bit over here

A little bit over there

Like a house of cards

In a gentle breeze

Overhead flies the vultures

With thier funny necks

Which coincidently

Look like scrotums

Hey Natalie where ever you are

Do you remember the scrotum song?

I used to sing it to you when you were about to turn slightly blue

& in saying that

Where do you think “Chicken” is now

Our faithful rubber mascot

Whom you tossed over the electric fence

Maybe some other city workers found him

& gave him as much love as our crew did

I still have videos of him & us & our adventures

If & when I relaunch my website I’ll post them again

Comedy never goes out of style

Well I guess I’ll take that back

In some places it does

But why take things so seriously

Life to short for that

It’s 4:32 am

My ass is sore

My sitbones feel like they’ll push through my flesh

Leaving me an amputee

I guess I’ll end this here

I dread what health problems lay down the road

This body has taken extensive damage

Oh & incase you forgot

Is Leonard Cohen’s scrotum soft as mine

(Insert the scrotum song here being played at 11)

*This poem & others were supposed to have stanzas but for some reason they’re being un-co-operative*

(Art can be like that sometimes)


Oh Jean

What can I say?

I like your breasts

Your entanglement with 3 religions

(Catholic, Mormon, & Muslim)

Our shared past

Our affinity for movies & food

Our dancing around the bush

I never considered hooking up with an older woman but if I did

She’d have to be someone a lot like you

We like the same movies

We like the same food

(I already said those last 2 lines but in a different way earlier on)

We both understand how far sometimes one has to go

Inorder to survive

I thought I had a sorta’ wild past

Yours beats mine hands down

Anyhow it’s past 6 a.m.

I should have been in bed hours ago

But I had to go surfing once again

Found an old friend from Lake Michigan

& re-wrote this poem

Editing should sometimes not be allowed

But on the other hand

Some things are best left unsaid

My friend from the past can not compare to you

& just to think

It all began with a game of chess

I watched others play you

I wanted to play too

Yes, you with your long curly red hair

Funky hat

Overall demeanour exemplified/s curiousity

I suckle from your breasts

Everytime we meet

Yes just another poem for poetry`s sake

She is so demanding

I remember when this relationship first took place

It was under a lamp in an alley in Calgary

Pissed drunk in the snow with a friend

We wanted to make a band

We had no instruments

Just some ideas

Then on & on it went

Now somewhere over 13,000, 14,000, 15,000 or more poems

It still lives

Through all of that

I have rode wave after wave of madness



Glee & a million other things

Tonight I sit on the ship

Adrift at sea

The snow is falling

Spring is near

But there`s still a lot of winter yet

I wish I had a banjo

I`d bang out a tune

Or maybe stare at the moon

Yes, I can feel it

The turning of the tide

My heart wants to go one way

My mind another

This poem set it`s own course

I sit here monitoring it

Maybe even editing it

You never know where things will lead

& if you do or did

What good would it really do anyhow

Some things are meant to be

& others aren`t

Yes there`s still footprints on the beach

The original ones long gone

What a wonderful thing


Perhaps sometime soon

I`ll meet another adventurous lass

Go on some more adventures, etc, etc

For now

I guess I`ll have to be content

With where I`m at

That`s something that used to elude me

Well nothing too exciting has happened to me lately. I had hopped to resurect my old website but to do that I need a credit card & right now with me being in bankruptcy that ain’t gonna’ happen atleast until July at the earliest. Other than that I have become the coordinator of “Most Vocal”. I would write more but I need to go for a smoke before I watch Voyager. Yes I am a Star Trek fan, but not a trekkie or a trekker. “Enterprise” usually follows “Voyager”, that’s another good show as well. Anyhow that is all.

Dang it’s Friday & some movie is next, I guess I can type a bit more. I have finished reading Leonard Cohen’s “Stranger Music”&  all I can say is wow. Now I’, reading “The Poetry of Pablo Neruda” which is a massive 940 some odd pages long spanning his whole career. Anyhow I guess I’m gonna watch the movie “Ghosts Of Mars” Caio for now.