April 2008

Well I guess it just goes to show maybe I should check everywhere before I go making crazy statements. I found my toothbrush in my bag that I take to work. It was nestled in one of the pockets. In other news this chick I met in Michigan who I thought was rather fascinating booted me as a friend on Facebook. I guess giving her one of the free gifts freaked her out. It was the letter H for hybrid cars. The gift did not say what it was so I thought there was no harm in sending it, boy was I wrong. Anyhow one friend lost, then another friend gained. Yes I logged in as usual then see the add friend thing there & was pleasantly surprised to find it was an old friend whom I worked with in the easrly 90’s at a landscaping company. She asked me when I was going to chase my dreams, at that point in time I didn’t really have any except for basic living, then I got the acting bug & it spiralled from there. Anyhow I guess that is all for now. I have been reading Pablo Neruda lately, but no muse will spill from me tonight, maybe tommorow night, or whenever. Poetry is a beast unto itself & I am just a simple conduate for it.

Tonight after watching Motley Crue’s Carnival of Sins Live on DVD I went to go brush my teeth as I usually do before going to bed, but found my tooth brush missing. Who the hell stole it & why? It could be one of my room mates which I highly doubt, or it could be someone else. That someone else would be someone from CSIS, the RCMP, or maybe someone from the Canadian Forces. Like if someone really wanted some DNA why not just ask me for it? Oh well, just another wierd mystery. Now I have to go to bed without brushing my teeth, which after drinking a bottle of Coke makes them feel sorta gross & porous. Also I will have to get up in the morning, shovel down breakfast & then go buy another one. By then the plaque & other lovelies will be just festering. Okay maybe a bit extreme, but it will feel gross. I only do the go without brushing teeth thing sometimes when hitchhiking, or when I get stuck out in the mountains. Oh well just another morbid mystery. Does anybody out there have any answers? That of course will only spark more questions. Life is wierd!