Wow, I picked up the new GNR album Chinese Democracy & it’s strange, wonderful, & a whole lot more. I currently am hooked on the 3rd song “Better”.

In other news I got a new footswitch for my amp. I wish I had all the toys I used too, but don’t. That could be why I haven’t been creating anything. Not too mention all the time it takes up as well. I can’t be a gamer, poet, guitar player, blogger, etc, all at the same time without something suffering.

Also not having all the music that I had before puts a big dent in the old inspiration bucket. In lieu of that though I have read more poetry this year, than I have in all my life. Being the co-ordinator of Most Vocal a group of poets who put on shows here in Lethbridge has opened up my eyes to Canadian poets more so than ever before.

I’m really tired so I guess I’ll cut this off here. It’s 1:40 am & I gotta’ be up at 7:00am, blah! Normally I’d sleep in, but I’m trying to get into this welding course that is offered at the college & I have a lot of hoops to jump through, not too mention paper work, another blah. Anyhow if I don’t get in on it who knows. I’m currently in a position where I can afford to take a larger look around at things. Plus I got tons of poetry & music I have been sitting on for years & now have the technology to do almost do anything I want with it. Hopefully I’ll get the credit rating crap done with to Equifax & some other place concerning my discharge from bankruptcy & get a credit card & set up another website to show off my photography, videos, music, poems, etc.

Anyhow caio for now