January 2009

I have enough saved for a few weeks vacation. I’d like to go to Israel, but that might not be possible. If not I’ll probably head out to the west coast for a few days. From there travel by train to Edmonton, then fly to Montreal stay there & visit an old friend. Then after that take the train to Toronto & maybe hook up with a few friends I have in that area. Oh & I forgot maybe go see my dad down in the states. Who knows for sure when I go travelling things often pop up & I get sidetracked or delayed checking out different places & folks. This time however compared to last time, I will make sure the trip in 3 weeks or less. The Last one started out with a simple 2 week agenda then spun out of control & ended up being over a year. Needless to say I don’t plan or want that to happen again.

Anyone who reads this got any suggestions? There are so many funky places to go?

Tonight I have shaken out the dust of my soul & begin on another musical misadventure. This new work will be a combination of music I create on the computer, music I make with guitar, some poetry put to a beat, & maybe some folks I know who play drums, & bass. I have never worked in a band type situation so it could be fun. The question is whether or not I can find a drummer & bass player here in Lethbridge who be willing to go along with me cuz I am not really a guitar player. I am a poet with a guitar or something like that.

I’d never leave you alone in the dark

So why have you done so to me?

Can’t bygones be bygones

& clear the way for some new history


10 years or there abouts is a long time

& during that time I’ve often thought of you

I kept all of your letters

Inks in the colors of red, green, & blue


I guess I’ll write some more new songs

& when I play guitar

The notes will sound that much more painful

Because on my heart & soul there is another scar


That’s the danger of being a poet & musician

You sometimes walk on a tight rope in the wind


If you are in Lethbridge on the 14th you may want to pop in & join us. Bring your own work or that of another poet. For members there will be a short meeting at the half way point. If you are interested in joining Most Vocal now would be a great time to do so. We are always looking for all kinds of people interested in bringing poetry from the page to the stage.

Jeez, I finally find an old friend on Facebook ask a few questions, get one answer, than am blocked without even having a chance to explain myself.

What did I do wrong this time?

Yes, you know who you are, out there, stalking me, & me stalking you, sorta’, kinda’.

I have this habbit of meeting all sorts of interesting folks, why you ask? I’m not normal. Yes the elevator goes to the top floor, but sometimes gets stuck. Anyway I am now set on a different vector. I once heard someone say, you are where you are supposed to be. That could be true, & it could be false, who knows for sure. All I know is I have a mystery to figure out & the answers don’t lie in Canada, they lie in Israel. Perhaps if there were such things as past lives maybe I lived there. Anyhow that is it for now. I gotta’ get some sleep. I drank to Rockstars & had about 4 cups of coffee today at work. Needless to say I can’t sleep.