March 2009

Well what can I say? I got up, showered,ate, & went on a bus tour. The tour covered most of the places I’ve already been, all I ended up getting was a little bit more history on the places. It was cool, windy, drizzled, then rained. I got soaked. The guy from Boston said I could stand it, I am Canadian, year right, I froze, & so did he & his companion. Both of whom got off before it got kinda’ bad. I wouldn’t have minded it if I was walking, but when you are stationary you can’t produce heat. I am skinny so it doesn’t take long for a chill to set in.

After the tour I jumped off early on Aldwhych instead of going a few  more stops to where I began because I wanted to get warm, walk, & see just a little bit more by foot. I ended up going to the courts. They were rather dull, so I wanderd back to the hostel for supper. After dinner I took the dude from the US’s advice & went to Soho. The place was filled with tourists like myself & there was little to worry about. I did go down a street or two that were rather questionable but I didn’t really care this was my last night here & I planned to have some fun. A hooker asked me if I wanted a massage & the whole 9 yards. I should’ve took her up on it cuz I ended up at some place where I paid £56 to watch some rather unattractive girl dance. The girls in the bar were saying “Do you want to buy me a drink?” The drink would’ve cost £35, slap that on top of what I already paid & you’d have to be mental, or super duper lonely, horny, & dumb. Or some one who doesn’t give a hell how much he spends cuz he’s got the money to do it. After that I went out looking for a massage parlour. I wandered all around Soho & area, & found nothing. I should’ve asked a cabbie, but didn’t. I found myself going in circles I became disoriented after awhile but finally figured out the general direction of St Paul’s & headed off back to the hostel. Now I am here, gotta’ crash, get up early & get rolling to the airport. My flight leaves at 3, I get to Cowtown near 12 am.. Along the way I stop off in Montreal for a 2 or 3 hour layover. Yay, I can now say I’ve been to Montreal even though it’s just a few hours. Montreal was the 3rd or 4th choice of places I wanted to go on this trip. Too bad I didn’t have enough time & cash to check that place out. Maybe next time. Speaking of next time, I wonder where I’ll go. Hopefully it will be Israel. If not maybe back here, & take the train to France, etc.. Anyhow here is another poem I have written on this trip. Okay maybe not I am running out of time.


Well today I got up, showered, ate, etc., then went wandering. I walked out to St Paul’s then went down Ludgate Hill which turns into Strand, & made my way to Trafalgar Square. After that I headed to the Palace, then went to some meuseum in the Palace. After that down Birdcage Walk towards Big Ben, the Parliment building, the river, & the Eye.

I had a mint ice cream cone on the bridge & bought a pack of Marlboros from some chinese lady for £3. I thought that was a good deal. In Canada that would’ve cost me $10. Here it was $6. Anyhow once across the bridge I was set on taking a ride on the Eye but got deverted by some smooth talking lady & I ended up at the Movium or something like that. Basically it was a meuseum about movies. I gotta’ learn how to spell meuseum correctly. Ayhow after that it was a nice stroll along the river & I caught several buskers doing thier thing. Canadian buskers pale in comparison to these lads & lasses. Except of course for the Green Fools.

Finally after my stroll along the river I ended up at the Tate modern meuseum Dave Stanfield suggested I see. I wandered in the big open space, tooks a few photos & then wandered to the ticket agent. Tonight it’s open until 10pm, I might go there after I am done laundry or might wait for tommorrow or another day. Anyhow I love this city & dread the thought of having to go home on Tuesday. Here is Part 1 of a 2 part poem I wrote. The other half I’ll put on my blogger blog Disconjonted Thoughts. Enjoy. Oh yeah I also forgot I will be writing here & there of my trip.


Cafe Rouge (Part 1)


“Is there a cafe around here” I asked some bobbies (after taking a picture of them)

They said “Cafe Rouge, it’s French”

So here I am

Out of my element

I wonder if Shakespere were alive might I run into him in this place

Earlier on today I went past his playhouse

Where did the old bard hangout

Here in this city,  London

There lacks no inspiration

I am not overwhelmed or under

It’s a nice change from Canada

The voices, the people, the places

Unfamilliar, but also familliar

Perhaps in a past life I lived here.


Today I landed with a huge fiery Japanese like sun on the horizon. I have no idea where |I landed, but took some train to some station called Paddington. Then from there went to a couple coffee shops then took a cab to where I am, which is….. I’m not sure but it’s kinda’ central. I have jet lag, the world every now & again seems to move a wee bit. Hopefully I am not sick with some horrid illness.

Along the way I seen Big Ben, the palace, the financial district, a couple of parks, some river, & a whole bunch of stuff. Not very informative, but hey what can I say, it’s me, I’m on vacation, & I can’t wait to get back to….OMG I was gonna say Canada, but I mean my Canadian English Keyboard which really is an American one. I’m having some difficulties with piloting this one.

This connection is kinda’ slow. Like a friend once said “You can make it faster by typing faster, LOL” I have befriended a couple of folks here. There are a lot of Canadians here I am told, plus one Yank, & folks from all over. The hostel is not like a hostel, it’s more like a hotel, but not really if that makes any sense. Well I guess it woud if you were here or have been here which some of you have or will be, maybe. I am tired, perhaps tommorrow I’ll write a poem or take one out of the ones |I have written in my journal. Yes I have gone back to the basics sorta’. Ummm what else. Everything here is expensive but thankfully I have enough saved to cover the week. I’d much rather be in Israel, but I figure I might as well take my travelling in baby steps. So here I am. Next trip Israel, or who knows. I am starting to loose weight & muscle mass due too not excercising. I took a shower this afternoon & for the first time in a long time felt super skinny, even though I am slim. Anyhow I am here until Tuseday hopefully I can figure out where I am & make this a little more detailed, like street names, bus names, etc, incase you actually do decide to follow me, which I know a few of you have done in the past. If anything this has refreshed my creative juices & I may write a little screenplay or theatre thingy. Caio for now.

OHH & incase I forgot, holy lag-o-rama.

Well today I went to West Edmonton Mall & got a plane ticket to London, England for this coming Wednesday. I also went to the water park & to a shooting range. The water park was fun, & I really sucked at the shooting range. After that back to the hostel for a bowl of instant noodles, a fruit cup, a pastry & then later to Starbucks for coffee. The journal I am keeping in handwriting in much more in depth than this, but should I ever loose it this will be here to remind me of what I have done. Not that I’d forget though. Anyhow I guess that’s it for now.

I have wandered up to Edmonton for the weekend. I’ll go back to Calgary next week, & then from there who knows. Maybe a quick trip to the UK, the US, Vancouver, or maybe Montreal. I am having fun, it’s been awhile since I’ve been on the road. Nothing really exciting to report.

It’s been some time

It’s been some time since I let go

Let go & drift away

So here I go again

Heading out on the road

Heading out on the road again

Maybe there will be some planes

Maybe there will be some trains

Maybe there will be some boats

But I doubt there will be you

I prayed one day we’d meet again

But I guess it won’t be

Blame it on God or the Devil

It don’t matter really

Cuz all that I used to believe in

Folded up like a card table

I would sing you a song right now

But my voice has grown weak

It could be due to age

Or not having anything to celebrate


It’s been some time

It’s been some time since I let go

Let go & drift away

So here I go again

Heading out on the road

Heading out on the road again


The poster says it all. I  won’t be there though cuz I’ll be out on the road somewhere. Marie our secretary will be MCing the event.