June 2009

These last few nights all my dreams have been of war in a world that is artsy & apocolyptic. Last night I was trying to save some chick from some machines. She was someone powerful in the underbelly of society or some kind of cult. All I can say it was crazy. Mix together X-men, Blade Runner, the Dark Knight, The Matrix, Apocolypse Now, The Rocky Horror Picture Show, I am Legend, the new Star Trek, an arts & entertainment lifestyle, & you’ll have a sort of feel for the sort of environment it was. It was very strange to say the least, but also fascinating. Everytime I woke up I tried to dive back into that world. Tonight I will try to do the same. This place has evolved over the years. It has shadow people in it, as well a number of other myths & mythological beings also. I just wish I could record what goes on inside. Anyhow I am tired so off too sleep I go. If you have the power, skill, or whatever come & try to find me, I’m sure you’ll find it rather fascinating.

Here’s the poster for our June event. I will try to dig up more info on Dwayne Morgan.