Wow, post 201. I didn’t think I’d written that many. Anyways nothing new. I still work at Petro, still live in Lethbridge, & am for now still the coordinator of Most Vocal a group of poets who put on reading here in town. The readings usually occur at a place called Henotic which used to be an old firehall. Last month we had Stephen Brockwell come & read. I picked up a copy of his book “Fruitfly Geographic.” It was a good read. Currently I am reading “Mastering the Art of War” by Zhuge Liang & Liu Ji translated by Thomas Cleary. I try to read it atleast once evey year. Everytime I do I grasp it a bit more & am amazed at how it continually transforms the way I see & think about things. In other news I might be headed to Israel in November. Tommorow, later on today actually I am going go wander over to Sears & see if I can get a good deal on a flight over there. If you have been reading this blog you will see that I went to Lodon earlier on this year. What else? I am trying to put together another chapbook. I am soon gonna’ start on my next musical adventure which will be songs done with guitar, & songs done on computer. It would be nice if I could round up a band & have a few tracks with them on it. Anyhow that is all for now. I was gonna’ add a new picture but I haven’t been taking any lately. There’s really not to much to photograph here. Just the bridge & the coulees. They aren’t too amazing.

If you can find it another good book to read is the Secret History Files How To Be A Spy The World War II SOE Training Manual published by Dundurn. All I can really say is wow. A lot of things I already knew, was taught, or have read about, but other stuff is… just read it if you can find it. I can also see myself writing a few more Space Cowboy adeventures inspired by some of it. If you have heard any of them I used to read in Calgary, Space Cowboy is a series of stories about a person much like myself who plays guitar & is set in the future in another dimension & is comical. It blends interstellar travel, comedy, gadgets, the arts, espionage, bounty hunters, & food. Space Cowboy’s ship is called the Jelly Doughnut. Anyhow what was supposed to be just one sentence turned into this. I will quit here before I get thinking & dreaming up new chapters & staying up all night. That’s the main thing that holds me back here is there is no audience like there was in Cowtown. It was fun, I’d write something, then get other people to help read it & the kids liked it because it took them away.