It’s a small town so seeing the same person twice in a day isn’t uncommon, but tonight a man of about 50+ with short curly black peppered hair, a big moustache, & wearing a teal M.E.C. coat followed me from Starbuck’s to London Drugs. Who is he? Where is he from? Etc., etc.. After thinking about it & writing about it I do remember seeing him in Cowtown as well & maybe other places I’ve been.

Maybe he’s a spy? Maybe he’s from CSIS, or the RCMP National Security Investigation Section. That then brings the question what is he looking for? Am I under investigation? If so what for? I am a poet, guitar player, artist, etc.. Maybe I’ve attracted their attention due to the fact I am sorta’ knowledgable in espionage, psychological warfare, & many other things.

Who knows, who cares? For me my life now consists of working part time, working on my poetry, music, & just laying low. I don’t do a heck of a lot these days. It might pick up again soon performance wise though. I’m starting to get back that old hunger. I really miss the stage. Once you taste it it’s so hard to forget.