I was born with a hole in my heart (It’s been fixed I had a teflon patch put on in the mid 80’s). People have done shit over the years that left many more. Now I have gone & made another. I miss Costa Rica. I was only there a week, but I miss it. The people were nice, the weather was nice. The country was nice. The coffee was nice. Even the animals were nice.

Anyhow I put going off to Israel once again. I will aim for winter of 2010 to go. Hopefully I can find a friend to go with. I have done too much travelling alone in my adult life. Nicky was the exception when we went to Vancouver in the mid to late 90’s. Oh & then there have been the trips with SASHA. (Southern Alberta Self Help Association, a group home for people with schizophrenia).

Anyhow I have a history with Israel. It all started out when I used to get drunk in the early 90’s & for some odd reason kept calling someone in Israel. After awhile there came 2 rabbi knocking on my door. They were asking if I knew Father Godin. I said I didn’t but put 2 & 2 together. It was me they were looking for. What did they want? What did I say to them? It all remains a mystery (Also during this time my aprtment was broken into a couple of times, but nothing was taken). Later on in the late 90’s early 2000’s I befriended a girl called Carmil. We used to meet at the Unicorn Pub (http://theunicorncalgary.com/) on Tuesday nights for the jam. She liked my music, I liked her company. Gradually she introduced me to her brother. I think they were trying to recruit me for something. This went on for a few months. She eventually had to go home. We exhanged music, I gave her a tape of my music, she gave me a mixed tape of music. Then we started writing. She gave me the lyrics to the music some of it was Russian, most of it was Israeli, there was 1 or 2 in English I can’t be sure it’s been a long time since I listened to it. This went on for months until there was trouble brewing in Lebanon. She told me she was soon going to become a medic in the army. I told her I couldn’t imagine her with a bucket on her head (a bucket is what city of Calgary employees call helmets). She took offence to this or could it have been that I also mentioned I had friends who were from Lebanon. Soon after that all communications ceased. Then by chance I found her on Facebook this year & once again befriended her, but her response was all in caps which I think means she was angry with me. Then I asked here about a certain phrase that had been running through my head. The once again she was gone. Inorder to solve this mystery I have to go to Israel, but not just any old way I have to go through Frankfurt, Germany, then on to Israel, Ashqelon in particular. It all sounds pretty nutty to me, but maybe we have to save the world or something like that. Perhaps aliens will land on Earth & we befriend them, I don’t know. So there you have it. Some pieces of a mystery for me that has been slowly unravelling for the past 17 years.

Oh & for the whole in the heart thing. I too have left many holes in many people’s hearts over the years. Sorry folks is about all I can say. By now I’m sure you all know I am crazy, but atleast now I am more in control of my life than I used too be.