January 2010

A collaboration between Aaron Hagan & myself


Well what can I say about this? It was fun to say the least. We started at about 6:40 pm & finished a few hours later more or less. We both sorta’ knew the other’s work & probably had different images in our heads. Anyways there was talk of another piece so be on the look out for that in another post. The show that this is supposed to go in starts sometime in March. If you are in Lethbridge you’ll want to see this. I think there are a total of 16 pairs of poets & artists or artists & poets.

I just realized that I have written poetry, & done photography in 4 different countries. So does that make me an international artist?

Anyways not a lot is new. I am however getting back into playing guitar, writing poetry more often, & other stuff. I think this next stretch of road will be interesting. The only thing really holding me back is sleep. One needs it to function properly. These past few days I have dug up a lot of music I made on the computer, I have found the lyrics to over 20 of my songs buried in a huge pile of paper, found old art work. Have been going through a lot of old photos, etc..

What else. I see that Yahoo has allowed Paypal to be used for payment for webhosting so if I get my poop in a group I will resurect my website. It will have a new look & feel obviously since it’s been 2 or 3 years since she got shut down due to me not having a credit card & going through bankruptcy. Also I have better tools, & equipment now. Plus the experience I gained from my first time round. Some things worked & other things didn’t. What else, I just love creating stuff & being able to throw it out on the internet is just so damn freaking cool. Anyhow it is 3:38 am, I gotta’ crash got some running around to do tommorow.