Here is a work in progress between Aaron Hagan & myself. This is after a couple games of pool, some kinda’ hot cheese snack, a deck of cards, a pile of magazines, random sentences, some experimentation with photoshop, & lots of kicking around with ideas. First is 2 pieces of the actual hand wirtten/drawn stuff, & then is 2 of my takes on it after having already done 1 the night we first cooked up the idea. The first one will probably remain hidden unless someone really wants to see more of the process we took. Once again I have failed to film it on my little handycam. This definitely would have been fun to watch. Even more so if it were speeded up so we sounded like hamsters. Anyways enough babbling here are the goods as they currently stand.

Okay I guess the order will go in reverse since I still have not entirely figured out how to add multiple images the way I want them to appear. Okay I guess they will appear randomly. For my take on the poster I used Microsoft Digital Image Pro 10 because it is very user friendly & I have limited knowledge of Photoshop Elements. & once again this will appear in a show at some gallery here next month in Lethbridge. I will fill in more details as the time gets nearer.