It happens a few times a year. Someone says they know me, then they spin some yarn (some are really absurd, I find dumb people really offensive) & about all I have to say is WTF (Hello take a little closer look at me, unless of course Canada has cloned me). This time someone claimed to know me & my brother. My closest half brother is in Calgary & he’s white. My other brothers live in Winnipeg & one is Michigan. Those ones are half native & the one in Michigan I haven’t spoke to in 6 years. The ones in Winnipeg I couldn’t give a damn about them & probably will never speak with them again.

Anyhow the only real way to get to know me is to be an artist, poet, musician, dancer, someone in the arts & entertainment bussiness, a gamer, a co-worker, classmate,or on the odd occassion someone from some sort of special forces (I have no clue why I fascinate them, actually maybe I do. I know my art of war fairly well & that’s something you can use in the arts as well as any other aspect of your life). If one takes the time to look on the internet there are about 100 or so people with the same name as me. Some have even lived in the same cities as I have. Anyhow that’s it for now. Maybe in the next post I’ll write another poem, post a picture or whatever. More than likely it wil be a poster for the next Most Vocal event.

  While we’re on the topic of mistaken identities, the most outlandlish one came from this really cool guy from Ethiopia who claimed there was a book in the Vatican Library that had something about me in it & it concerned the end times. If anyone can verify that that would be awesome, well actually maybe not, end times sounds kinda’ crappy. As a whole hopefully we (humans) get our poop in a group, end war, famine, poverty, & maybe even got off this rock & start exploring the universe. First step is Mars. I will gladly volunteer for a one way trip if they ever are looking for volunteers. I also have a few ideas of how to resupply along the way, & other stuff.