We have walked many miles together

Stod under the sun

Stod under the moon

At first I was a stranger

& then as time passed

A comrade

Do you remember

 Putting the boot

Into bootcamp?

From there on

To several stages

Each new adventure

Deeply engrained in my mind

Even more so

When once stod acussed

Of a crime I did not commit

There you were standing behind me

Then as years went by

I left that life behind

No more theatre

No more thrills etc., etc.

But time caught up

& I’ve begun performing again

Where will the road lead

Heaven only knows

Thank you very much though

For being one of many

In giving me the skills

To be more than I am

& remember even though I am not in Calgary

I can still follow your adventures

Via the internet

& should there come a day

When we meet or share the stage again

I will rejoice