Hello everybody still out there. I have not been here in quite some time as you can tell. I have been busy becoming an artist again. The picture below was part of a show put on by ThinkTankEvents.com The theme was Star Wars. Since I had no paint or desire to draw so I picked up my camera & started shooting pictures of me with a toy Light Sabre. This was the end result of one of the shoots. I will place a picture of me in another one on my other blog. I don’t have a great camera as you can see by the focus of the picture but it did the job alright. I tinkered with some setting on it & overexposed it a wee bit. After that I ran it through my ancient Microsoft Digital Pro 10 which I got that way back in 2006, but time & time again I’ve used it to make posters, edit photos etc.. Some day I might learn to use my other programs, but until then I’ll stick with something I know. Anyhow I hope to start posting more often.