April 2012

Canada is starting to get weird again. If you are from another country you might want to think twice before coming here. There is a group of people out there who are trying to make me into a communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugging, retard. Anyhow they can continue their gayness & I’ll just keep on being me. I’m like a thermometer & there are others out there as well in the same boat. We are trapped in a land of weirdness. Every step documented & scrutinized. I thought this was a land where people could be free, but apparently not. What it will be like in 50 years who can say. Hopefully Canada will be Canada not Soviet Canuckistan. Of course with the world ending in 2012 like so many think none of this will matter at all. Hopefully some aliens come & pluck me off of this rock before it happens. & to think once upon a time Canada was a dream, but now is slowly… ever so delicately…not being very dream like.

I once asked a vet if he’d fight for Canada if he knew what it was like today compared to WWII & he said “No”. Anyways as the forces of darkness & light battle for this country I guess all I can do is sit & watch & report to the rest of you. Maybe someone out there will hear our collective scream.

On a lighter note though Alberta is still awesome despite my current headache. I love the big open prairies, the foothills, the mountains, the rivers & the lakes. The red sunrises & sunsets when they happen. Or just simply looking up at the stars & making a wish. We are very fortunate to live where we live. So with that I guess I’ll end yet another post. Hopefully in the future the posts will be less weird but until Comrade Canuck stops what he is doing they will more than likely be about the perils of the unseen nemesis that is slowly spreading like a shadow across the land.


The title says it all. Even funnier or scarier it’s a guy. Also his friend or relative lives next door. We are just separated by a wall. Come to think of it the neighbor knows the guy downstairs & the guy downstairs knows the guy who lives below me so I am boxed in by all these kooks. How crazy is that? My stalker will show up at my work, where I go to the gym, Starbuck’s, & sometimes even follows me when I’m on foot going somewhere. He drives a burgundy Ram. His name is Elliot, he used to be my neighbor but he moved out. This has been going since atleast July of last year.Maybe even once or twice he has broken into my apartment but I can’t prove it. Omega from CSIS if you’re out there somewhere I could use a hand with this. It’s getting very strange. Anyhow if this is happening to me, how many others is it happening too? Has Canada become a land filled with communist, homo-sexual, terrorist hugging, retards. Do they plan to make some kind of ultra gay mindless army? Who knows. But from my viewpoint something very odd is going on.

In other news I have reached 220 posts. Wow. I’m not sure if I get a prize or anything but that’s pretty awesome I think.