Well not a lot is going on. Well actually a lot is, but it doesn’t seem that way. Last week in Calgary I was officially diagnosed with Ankylosing Spondylitis at the Foothills Hospital. I had to go see some specialist. I’m lucky to have no pain, but I am slowly but surely becoming stiffer. Now knowing what I have I will tackle this the best I can.

In other news I am taking part in 2 art shows coming up soon. One is called “The End Is Near” & the other is about cars. I think I have already written about this in another post here or on my other blog Disconjointed Thoughts.

Tonight I met a drummer & we talked about music for a few minutes & might hook up & start jamming. It’s been 6 years since I have played the guitar. Here & there I have dabbled with it but not gone full bore. I have forgotten how to play all my songs except for one & that 1 is “Space Cowboy” If you were in Calgary in the late 90’s early 2000’s you might of heard me playing at one of the jams or the very rare gig. A lot of time has passed & maybe that is for the better because it gives me perspective.

Tonight I had to call into work because Nestle the ice cream company called about the ice cream order that should have gone out today but didn’t due to the boss & manager not being in due to the holiday & I forgot to write them a note about it. If someone has tapped my phone that would sound very dubious but it isn’t. Nestle wants to sell their goodies & we sell lots. We are the second busiest store in western Canada. You should see all the crap we sell, chips, chocolate bars, bottled water, energy drinks, cigarettes, cigars, etc., etc.. Just working there has opened up my eyes to all kinds of stuff to keep a business going it’s insane. Maybe someday I’ll have my own store or gas station. Anyhow I have babbled on & don’t have much more to say other than good night, sleep tight, & hope to hell you don’t have bed bugs that bite. I once had them & it sucks, then I went to see a doctor about the bites & he said I had scabies, lol.