Well Happy New Year even though it’s a bit late. What can I say? Not a lot is happening right now but that soon could change. I’ve signed up with NuCerity & will soon be trying my hand at it. Basically it’s skin care products. I can’t say much right now because I signed up yesterday or the day before & have a lot too learn. As for actually testing the product I have already done that. I tried some last night on the back of my hands & washed it off in the morning as I took a shower & believe it or not my skin looked just a wee bit better. I will apply more tonight & start using the other products. I usually am skeptical about these sorts of things but I can see that there is an opportunity to grow. Anyhow that is all for now I have a lot of work to day to get this rolling but am confident I can do it. I’ve got the backing of a really good team.