With winter slowly fading away & spring starting all I can say is “Where will the road take me from here?” (A song I wrote but forgot how to play) Anyhow Connie my sponsor for the NuCERITY thing just got a check the other day & kinda’ makes me wish I were in her boots. She’s at Silver. Kimmie the girl who is our team leader has recovered her money & then some. Hopefully I got my act together & get some folks to join so I don’t get too far lost in the dust. Next week one of the founders is visiting Lethbridge & there is a convention going on in April in Calgary. I might be able to get to the convention but will have to book time off of work to do so. Which simply means I will have to swap shifts with someone. Anyhow that is all I have to say for now. Maybe next time I will post some poetry or a photo. If anyone is curious about this NuCERITY thing I have been talking about visit my independent distributor website & sign up, buy some product or just simply browse. The site came along with signing up it’s very beautiful & makes me want to go & redo my official website. Oh almost for got here is the link. I will place one in the side bar as well. Ciao for now. I will try to write more often. http://www.jgodin.mynucerity.biz/nuca/


PS.. I have tried & used the product. There is nothing out there like it.