I’ve been gone a long time sorry. Last October I had a bowel blockage & they had to operate. I had 2 surgeries & spent a total of 2 months 3 weeks & some odd days in the hospital. It was not nice to say the least. I dread the fact that more than likely this is gonna’ happen to me again in another 20 or so years. Last one I had was when I was early in my 20’s & before that when I was 6 months old.

Anyhow the only good thing that came out of it besides living is Reeve’s College is gonna’ let me finish what I started & that is Computer Graphics Design.

Other than that I also lost most of my passwords to my blogs, websites, social media, etc.. That will take time to get them all back again. New photos, poems, etc., will be on their way. Ciao for now.