March 2016

That’s what it said in the before I entered a title. Anyhow I have been working away on my autobiography. Between living & writing there has not been a lot going on lately. I have a new neighbour. He has a dog. That dog is a Pit-bull. It’s name is Bowser. Bowser is a pretty common name for pets these days. If I had a pet I’d probably name it Einstein or something equally as odd. Anyhow sooner or later I will be re-called to work. I don’t want to go back. My job is stressful. Maybe I’ll find something else & go with that for awhile. I asked if Petro was hiring to one of the guys who was working there he said yes. That would be odd going back there but at least it is pretty basic compared to what I do. Or maybe if I went back they’d have me in some place not as stressful as where I was/am. It’s getting late I should get to bed. More updates,etc., to come. Ciao for now.

As a joke on Facebook I used this as my latest status.

Operation Retarded Beaver is complete (ORB). My study of Canadians for the past 20 years will be handed over to folks in other countries who didn’t make this a higher priority. Instead of being classified as Top Secret it is Bottom Secret. JK.

Then for the first comment I added this

I can hear the neighbours scurrying in the hall like lab rats that separates us. They were the final case study.

You might ask why? If you had my place under surveillance you’d agree after seeing footage of them.

Hans Gruber

Anyhow the above picture of me reminds me of Hans Gruber for some odd reason. He was one of my favourite bad guys. & when Alan Rickman played the bad guy in Robin Hood I enjoyed that as well. There are not too many bad guys I enjoy but he somehow made them delicious. In closing I will leave you with a quote from Shakespeare’s As You Like It. “All the world’s a stage…” or something like that.

Mystery DancerI have been busy doing stuff I should have long ago. On my camera I had over 600 photos from over the past couple of years. I culled that number by about half. Some of the photos that are left I will use for fun projects. (After writing this post I thought about that number & it’s not really a huge one. People now take selfies all the time some more than others so it breaks down to 1.something or less pictures per day.)

Anyhow I ran into Warren from Reeve’s College at a job fair & he asked what have I been doing lately. I said “not too bad” then told him that I am working on a new website, dance video, & that I was doing the odd poster here & there. He then mentioned how much he like my current website & that warmed the cockles of my heart. Then I told him the new one would be better. I forgot too mention while using Adobe Muse compared to my old website creation program that there will be some trade offs, but my site will look more professional & better.

So we get to this post. Last night I was monkeying around with Photoshop & this is what I came up with, I cropped it, added a filter, & then some text. Nothing really fancy & here is the end result. Oh I forgot too mention this was a dancer doing an improv thing as part of an exhibition at The Saag

I have finally figured out all my log in info. Not a lot is going on. I am working on my autobiography, building better website & am taking my first foray into making a dance video. More updates, poems, & pictures will soon follow.