I can sense everyone freaking out about the way I’ve altered my normal workout routine. If this was Penticton B.C. no one would care. They be like oh it’s just Jeff doing something rather unconventional again, no big deal. In Penticton I was in a para-military group called The Rangers & I was the D.I.. We used to train out in the mountains in places where there was not a lot of people. I however don’t have immediate access to the mountains so the coulees will have to do. I am doing nothing that hasn’t been done before. I do not see the big deal & as for my pants they are just pants. 5.11 is worn by lots of folks it just happens that I am one of a few in Lethbridge who wear them. The reason why I wear them in because they are rugged, comfortable, & have lots of pockets. I used to wear jeans but you can’t carry as much stuff. Plus jeans are uncomfortable. they have this point in the back where al the stitching meets & it used to dig into my spine & I did not like that. As for overall style I dress kinda’ like a rebel would in Star Wars. Maybe in a later post I will return & fill in some more details about the Rangers but it’s not a lot & I eventually got kicked out because I did not take it seriously.