This winter is like the winters of the late 70’s & early 80’s. It seems like it’s never gonna’ end but I know that it will. Or maybe it won’t. I was sitting on the stairs having a cigarette the other night & was thinking about the damaged nuclear reactor in Japan, I forget it’s name but everyone knows which one I am talking about (Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant) Maybe this is nuclear winter? I wish I had the little doodad & I could take samples of the snow in the backyard. It would be freaky if it picked up anything.

Anyhow not a lot is going on with my life. One of these days I will hop back on the autobiography wagon, but not today.

Today I went to see “Logan”. It’s kinda’ sad that this is the end of him for now. I doubt if there is anyone who can do it better than Hugh Jackman, but we’l have to wait & see. Mutants are a wonderful thing whoever thought them up did a good thing. I was sitting in the theatre thinking what do I have in common with Wolverine, not a lot but we’re both Canadian, & we don’t heal as fast as we used too (I heal at a normal rate as anyone else or I used too). I have Anemia, there’s an Iron deficiency in my blood. Okay after looking it up in Wikipedia I see there’s a lot of other things that are wrong with me due to this. It’s funny what happens to you as life rolls along.

It’s spring forward tonight. I don’t like Daylight Savings Time, but it will be nice to have the sun out a little bit later than normal. I have SAD as well. That’s Seasonal Affective Disorder. Strangely though this year it didn’t bother me as much. Maybe going to the gym at least 5 times a week has been beneficial. Anyhow it’s getting late I’m gonna’ pack it in. The picture below is of a permanent installation at CASA. Ciao for nowfractured