I should be writing my auto-biography but after taking almost a year off, it’s hard to get rolling again. Besides nothing really has happened since my last entry last week. I went to work, I went to the gym & not a whole lot more.

While at work someone filmed Liz & myself at the Atco thingy where she made a Blooming Onion presentation. Last time I checked on it, it had well over 500 views, 4 shares, & 7 likes. For Lethbridge that’s pretty good I think. Plus we were on Twitter & Facebook as well.

What else? I am reading “The Boy Who Couldn’t Die” by Rick Gillis. He’s an artist I have made friends with while down here in Lethy. We started writing about the same time. We have a lot in common & I figure if he could do it so can I. I just need a little motivation. My health is not what it could be. I have a cavity or two, I need 7 crowns, I have a hernia, I have Ankylosing Spondylitis & probably a couple of other things. If my book sold well I could afford to tackle these problems, but until then all I can do is dream & keep on chipping away.

Anyhow I want to watch a music video or 2 before I go to sleep so I guess I’ll wind it up here. Oh & tomorrow I am quitting smoking. I think I might have a mild form of Emphysema & it’s not really the best thing to be doing since I don’t have the best of hearts. The surgery they did on me while I was around 12 to fix my leaky valve worked but that was 30 some odd years ago. According to the doctor I should have kicked the bucket in my 30’s but I am still here in my mid 40’s..