Wow I have lost all my readers. For anyone who comes across this I am currently working on writing my autobiography. I have 49 entries into it. 1 entry is usually 2 pages with several stories on it. Some entries are longer than others. I have momentum working for me right now & hope to carry on with it & be done with it in a few months from now. I took a year’s break from it & although I thought it was dumb it actually worked out for the better.

My gym buddy Tim asked me the other day “Aren’t autobiographies to be written when one is old?” Usually but not all the time. I was supposed to die when I was 13 but I got a surgery that fixed 1 of the valves in my heart & I should’ve died in my 30’s but here I am at 45. Sometimes my heartbeat is erratic but I think I still have another decade or 2 or 3 left in me. So if I was supposed to die when I was 13 or in my 30’s this makes me really old. Anyhow I guess that’s it for today. Some day I will write a new poem or add a new photo but not today. Ciao for now.