Tools of the trade

The title comes from the Pink Floyd song called “Coming Back To Life”. What can I say? The auto-biography is coming along slowly but surely. I am taking Pro Serve online in hopes I can snag some more hours at work instead of just being a cook. I am learning how to play guitar like a normal person instead of the way I play. If I am lucky I can get back to performing. I haven’t done a lot of anything since I have been in Lethbridge. It’d be nice to get a chapbook of poetry out but that is on the back burner. The autobiography comes first. I spend my days learning new stuff, I would say what but I am trying to keep it a surprise. Besides all too often in the past I’ve said I’d be doing something & nothing ever came from it. I would go on but it’s late & I need to get some sleep. Ciao for now. Oh & hello to the new readers. How you figured out how to read this & me not get any stats is a mystery. I used to really like going to read the where folks came from. People from 47 different countries have been here.