It’s a hot July evening I am sitting at the computer & my balls are sweating. I have gone further in my autobiography than ever before. I am at a point in my late teens to early 20’s. If you knew me back then & met me today you wouldn’t think I was the same guy. Sobering up was the best thing I ever did. After that the next best thing I did was culture myself. I wrote poetry, I wrote & played songs, I learned to dance, I learned to act & a couple of other things.

Now I have my eyes set on finishing the book & see what happened afterwards. Some of it you won’t believe, some of it you can relate to, & then there are times I will be holding onto a lightning rod. If it sells good that will be awesome, if it doesn’t oh well. Anyhow I think this is it for this post I will try to make them more often & a little bit more interesting.regina