B-manThis photo was the one I used for a poster for the now defunct “The Jester’s Court”, It had a very short life. Only 3 shows. I had hip hop artists, poets, prose writers & I Skyped in 2 poets from Calgary for 2 different shows. The interview I had for the L.A. Beat killed it. It didn’t go the way it should have but oh well. Maybe some time in the future I will revive it. I had a lot of fun doing it & learned a lot of things.

Right now I am racing the clock to finish my auto-biography. My meagre savings will only take me so far & my current part time job as a short order cook is not happening as much as it should be. I am looking for part time work. It would be nice if I had a sugar momma or daddy to pay my rent but I don’t & doubt I ever will. I bought some lotto tickets today & if I won that would be nice but so far the most I’ve ever won from the lotto is $20. Actually I take that back one time on Sport Select I got around $80. More than likely I will end up with a free play or the usual. “Sorry you are not a winner” The sentence in itself is very judgemental. I may not be a winner but I am okay. Or at least I think so, lol. Anyhow I have to write so I’ll end this here. I keep on saying I will write more but this time I won’t & maybe I will. Ciao for now