H-m-m, what can I say? Basically this is my blog, I have another one at blogger & yahoo 360, some photos at Flickr. I used to have a website (www.jeffwgodin.com)  but unfortunately I couldn’t round up the funds to pay off my credit card so I could free up some funds to continue paying for the site so it went down. I enjoyed the services Yahoo provided but they were rather unflexible when it came to paying by other means such as cash or paypal. Oh well. Anyhow I am still out on the road. I have been since August 2005 & it doesn’t look like this trip gone awry will end anytime soon. If anything this is an example of how to crash & burn.

I used to work for the city of Calgary for 13 years then one day I had enough & wanted to go join the US Army before I got too old. I left certain I could accomplish that but there were so many hidden obstacles & people against my descision that ultimately I failed. I somehow ended up joining the American Red Cross via the Kalamazoo chapter & did a stint in Falls Church, Virginia during the Katrina & Rita aftermath. That was a memorable experience because even though I did not achieve my original objective I still got serve the country that I most admire via a different means.

Anyhow I am back in Canada wandering. I have to get to a major city soon so I can finally declare bankruptcy officially & start getting my life back to together. I used to be ” The King Of Calgary” or atleast that’s what other people said, I merely thought I was an artist who was well rounded, often over rated, & a victim of morbid speculation & fantasies. I did on occasion feed the beast as well just to see how crazy people truly were.

Basically all I ever wanted to be was an artist & dabble in whatever caught my fancy & I did. I explored acting in theatre, film, & t.v. ( I didn’t so anything spectaculair I was mainly an extra or got roles in obscure things) I learned to dance somewhat. I took lessons in jazz, funk, ballet, hip hop, funk, modern, capoeira, irish, & a whole buncha’ other things. Had a few notable teachers. I joined The Green Fools Physical Theatre Society as an associate artist after going to their boot camp & learning to walk on stilts, mask work, improv, mask making & a number of other things. I used too play guitar, (I still would but I’ve pawned or sold all of them just to stay alive). I walked into a music store one day & bought a second hand dobro, a book of chords, a few picks, & a slide. I then crashed the music scene  & became well known around town & could be found at almost every jam & performed frequently with a lot of the folkies or blues artists. I think I at first pissed them off cuz I was so horrible but eventually got better. They dubbed me “Space Cowboy” after the title of one of my songs. Oh & there was poetry. I was a member of the Drunken Poets Society & Single Onion. Of course putting that all in chronological order is impossible cuz a lot of things overlapped. I did a lot of volunteer work as well. I figured hey might as well give back to the community.

I have to start life all over again. Well not really. I do have a lot of experience to draw from. Before I worked for the city of Calgary I was a student at Alternative High School. Jumping all the way back to the start I was born in some town in northern Manitoba. My parents were alcoholics & life wasn’t exactly a bed of roses. Couple that with my health problems. I had intestinal problems & heart problems. Visits to hospitals weren’t uncommon. I was raised in foster homes & group homes. I lived with my mother for a year or so. I lived with a number of my siblings at different times as well.I lived all over western Canada. Somewhere along the way I got into trouble with the law & ended up at Stampede Boys Ranch. If you ever seen “Young Guns” we were basically as loony as those guys but minus the guns of course, but we did learn how to use guns while we were out there & we learned mountain survival & numerous other things. Our beloved teacher was a man named Dan Fox. He has retired since then but I ended up in his class due to being one of the more motivated lads out there. Even though I ended up at the Ranch due to being a bit of a loon what an impact on my life it has been. We rode horses, we climbed mountains, we learned survival, we learned how to safely use guns, we learned carpentry, we learned how to be cowboys, we learned how to fix machinery, & the list goes on & on. What an education. Sometimes I wish I could go back to those days but when I look at where it has lead me I am thankful. It has given me the charecter & strength to go on when most would have just simply rolled over & died. I recall just before I left one of my final questions asked of me by Fox was “What do you do if you are lost in the forest?” I replied “Burn the forest down.” I’m not sure of the quality of my answer even to this day. On one hand it’s brilliant & on the other downright ruthless & irresposible. I guess it really depends on what kind of sitaution you are in. Another of my favourite lessons was the tree. I’m not sure why he chose a tree but one day I was coming back from running up & then down Ruby’s (an 800ft foothill a half mile from the ranch, doesn’t sound too hard but try to run it in a 1/2 an hour, plus there’s a little river you have to cross as well.) Okay back to the tree. I guess knowing that I was terrified of heights he decided I needed to climb a 150ft pine that was swaying in the wind right on the edge of a small embankment overlooking the river. Slowly but surely I climbed about 2/3 of the way up after numerous proddings to continue upward. Finally just to freaked to go any further due to the tree swaying in the wind & me looking at the river below he says “Remember whenever you are climbing something, there is always someone behind you.” Very sagely I must say even though now I would have to ask what happens if someone comes by in a helicopter & rescues me or tosses me to the ground. Back then my arguement was I was afraid of the tree breaking or me losing my grip, etc.. KInda’ crazy how profound learning in a natural envronment can be. Well actually my train of thought is probably coupled with the dogma of Star Wars, all the other kooky spy, or sci-fi movies, & a big healthy dose of Suz Tzu & Myamoto Musashai.

Anyhow I have babbled on long enough. I got to see if this makes any sense. As well my life is in shambles now, but I think part of the fun will be putting it back together & all the quirky little adventures & misadventures that will happen along the way.

 Also another thing is you will encounter a zillion spelling errors in this blog & others. I don’t know why but during the rebuild (what happens when you push publish for those of you who don’t know what I am referring too) due to  my laptop being 64 bit it just seems to go wonky, also the keyboard is flat & it just doesn’t have the same feel as an ergonomically correct keyboard such as the one that is in storage with the rest of what’s left of my belongings. I am 3 months late in paying my fees I hope they have not gone in & just tossed it all out cuz what’s a poet without his poetry. My life’s work, 15 years of poetry, about 15,000 poems, hundreds of songs,various chapters of “The Continuing Adventures Of Space Cowboy & other manuscripts I started or wrote, oh yeah & my art, about 100 or so drawings. Pencil, ink, crayons, pastels, watercolor. If you are reading this blog & can help please do I can’t pay you anything but if you want a particulair item from my fabulous curiousities you are more than welcome.


July 5th 2006

Yay, I uploaded a custom header, the photo is of the Calgary sky line from a C-train platform, I used the night mode. The station is Barlow/Maxbell. I was on my way to work a couple of years ago when I worked for Parks.


January 11th 2008

I have settled into Lethbridge for the time being. I have looked after my bankruptcy. I am the co-ordinator of a group of poets called “Most Vocal”. I hope to soon go to Calgary & get someone to help me move all my stuff I have in storage to a place down here. Most of all I want to get working on a new collection of poetry I will self-publish from my vast catalog of 15,000 plus poems & songs. I have begun writing poetry more often now compared to these last few years, but the output is nowhere near as much as I did in my 20’s & early 30’s. Same goes for music. I pick up the guitar now & then but nothing really serious. Also I have forgotten how to play all my old songs except “Space Cowboy”. What lies down the road? Who knows. I do have enough money to go overseas for a couple of months. Maybe if I do that I’ll get inspired again & crank out some of my best work yet. If I was too compare my begginings to now they can’t be compared because of all that has gone on. Sure I am the same guy, but I am not the same guy. Time changes one’s perspective. Anyhow that’s about it for now.


One Response to “About”

  1. Dwayne Smith Says:

    Hello Jeff

    This is Dwayne Smith from the most Vocal; I most sincerely enjoyed reading what you’ve written here. An Artist can be an artist with the exchange of courage and expreince to face one’s life.

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