I should be writing my auto-biography but after taking almost a year off, it’s hard to get rolling again. Besides nothing really has happened since my last entry last week. I went to work, I went to the gym & not a whole lot more.

While at work someone filmed Liz & myself at the Atco thingy where she made a Blooming Onion presentation. Last time I checked on it, it had well over 500 views, 4 shares, & 7 likes. For Lethbridge that’s pretty good I think. Plus we were on Twitter & Facebook as well.

What else? I am reading “The Boy Who Couldn’t Die” by Rick Gillis. He’s an artist I have made friends with while down here in Lethy. We started writing about the same time. We have a lot in common & I figure if he could do it so can I. I just need a little motivation. My health is not what it could be. I have a cavity or two, I need 7 crowns, I have a hernia, I have Ankylosing Spondylitis & probably a couple of other things. If my book sold well I could afford to tackle these problems, but until then all I can do is dream & keep on chipping away.

Anyhow I want to watch a music video or 2 before I go to sleep so I guess I’ll wind it up here. Oh & tomorrow I am quitting smoking. I think I might have a mild form of Emphysema & it’s not really the best thing to be doing since I don’t have the best of hearts. The surgery they did on me while I was around 12 to fix my leaky valve worked but that was 30 some odd years ago. According to the doctor I should have kicked the bucket in my 30’s but I am still here in my mid 40’s..


This winter is like the winters of the late 70’s & early 80’s. It seems like it’s never gonna’ end but I know that it will. Or maybe it won’t. I was sitting on the stairs having a cigarette the other night & was thinking about the damaged nuclear reactor in Japan, I forget it’s name but everyone knows which one I am talking about (Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant) Maybe this is nuclear winter? I wish I had the little doodad & I could take samples of the snow in the backyard. It would be freaky if it picked up anything.

Anyhow not a lot is going on with my life. One of these days I will hop back on the autobiography wagon, but not today.

Today I went to see “Logan”. It’s kinda’ sad that this is the end of him for now. I doubt if there is anyone who can do it better than Hugh Jackman, but we’l have to wait & see. Mutants are a wonderful thing whoever thought them up did a good thing. I was sitting in the theatre thinking what do I have in common with Wolverine, not a lot but we’re both Canadian, & we don’t heal as fast as we used too (I heal at a normal rate as anyone else or I used too). I have Anemia, there’s an Iron deficiency in my blood. Okay after looking it up in Wikipedia I see there’s a lot of other things that are wrong with me due to this. It’s funny what happens to you as life rolls along.

It’s spring forward tonight. I don’t like Daylight Savings Time, but it will be nice to have the sun out a little bit later than normal. I have SAD as well. That’s Seasonal Affective Disorder. Strangely though this year it didn’t bother me as much. Maybe going to the gym at least 5 times a week has been beneficial. Anyhow it’s getting late I’m gonna’ pack it in. The picture below is of a permanent installation at CASA. Ciao for nowfractured

slothrescue3  I use my stats as a guide to tailor my writing to whom the audience is. Different people like different things. I just get the country folks come from. If you write a reply there is a little bit more data that I receive. Or maybe there isn’t, no one has left a comment for a long time. This picture of a sloth is my spirit animal. I used to think it was a coyote, chameleon or other things but after contemplating it for a long time I came to this. I am slow. Not dumb slow regular slow. Some might say otherwise. I forgot where I got this picture from but if you know who took it give me their name so I can credit them. Poetry & other weirdness is on the way. It’s hard to get going again. The worst thing I do is spend too much time on Facebook. Anyhow ciao for now.

Today started out like most days, I slept in a little later than I should have, but when you have no full time job & your part time one isn’t that reliable you don’t have much structure. Well there is something, I go to the gym 5 times or more a week & do laundry twice because I don’t have a million sets of clothes.

Unlike most days I was kinda’ excited about this one. I was supposed to meet a Nepali I have been matched with (through an immigration program) & my goal is to introduce him to Canadian culture. Today we were supposed too go to CASA & see the art & if lucky get the grand tour if one of the staff were available. I waited outside patiently & watched a street person mooch a cigarette off of a Syrian. When we were both done we looked over at each other & laughed because the way she did it was kinda’ humorous. Anyhow it was after our arranged meeting time so I wandered into the school & inquired about Dil at the desk. Apparently  Dil was ill so I went home kinda’ bummed out.

I got home fiddled around & got ready to go to the gym. Hopefully Tim or Andrew or both of them or maybe even Alexis would be there. It’s funner to work out with someone than by yourself.Plus we kinda’ push each other sometimes to go a little bit more than previous times. Anyhow it ended up with just Tim & I. We did back exercises. One of them was on a machine & the other was dead lifts. I used to be able to do 90 pounds which isn’t much but I’ve kinda’ gone soft & am now down to 60 pounds. After those Tim had to leave early so I went & did the elliptical like I usually do. I usually do Kilimanjaro under the hill setting & for resistance I go for 25 which is the highest you can set it for. If I am alone at the gym I do 40 minutes & a 5 minute cool down. If others are there I usually just do 20 minutes plus a 5 minute cool down after we’ve done our thing.

Once done at the gym I decided to go to CASA anyways. Rick’s show would only be up until Monday after it’s run of who knows how long. I visited the main gallery first & wasn’t really impressed with it. Some lady did some stuff & it just didn’t strike a chord with me. There were a few pieces done with mirrors that I liked but other than that that was it. I wandered to the front desk & it was manned by Pam & Brad the maintenance supervisor was there too. I asked where Rick’s stuff was & was told it was on the second floor. I seen Suzanne through a sliver or window she was in a meeting with some people. Suzanne is Claire’s mom. She was also one of my classmate in Claire’s classes which I found out about    a long time. We’ve been classmates for while at various locations through the city.

After climbing the stairs I was huffing & puffing a little bit, I have to quit smoking it’s killing me. Anyhow there was Rick’s stuff on the walls & in cases. Rick is one of my favourite artist he does stuff that resonates with a lot of people. Right away 2 frogs standing up holding flippers in a frying pan caught my eye & as I wandered down the halls I got swept away into Rick’s world. Then before I knew it, it was over & I was at the glass door that leads into another part of the hall & is near the dance studio. Then I heard it the unmistakeable sound of people tap dancing. My heart beat a little faster because I knew who it was, it was Claire leading a class through a lesson. I looked into the window as I past & she seen me & I saw her. I have not been to class in over a year because I can’t afford it right now. So I wandered to the top of the stairs & then I heard a thump. It was Claire & she was smooshed into the window & had her hand up in a hello fashion. (It kinda’ reminded me of the scene in one of the Star Trek movies where Spock has his hand stretched out to Jim) She’s my favourite teacher & I think I might be one of her favourite students. I looked up & waved as I descended the stairs. One of these days I will get back to class.

Oh & I picked up the guitar & fiddled around with it for 5 minutes today. Back when I lived in Calgary in the early 2000’s I had written over 50 songs & was a familiar face at open mic, open stages & jams but that is another story. Another story you might find in my auto-biography if I ever finish it. I am over 1/3 done. One of my New Years resolutions was to get back at it.

I guess that is it for now.

Yay, someone from the states just read one of my posts.

H-m-m-m-m-m! What to write about? Today at work it was a wee bit hectic at times. Never have I made so many cheese burgers. As fast as I could cook them they went out. Normally there’s just 2 cooks & Michael helps out when stuff starts to get hairy. Today we had 6 people pumping out the food. We were not a well oiled machine but we accomplished our mission & that mission was feeding the people who were at the event.

Right now I am writing this & trying to find a new photo for the “Most Vocal Poets Society- Getting The Word Out” group on Facebook because I’m the admin. The newest member is saying stuff about the photo & how it offends her. I’d normally say find another group, but she’s a friend & Lethy is  (Lethbridge for those of you who don’t know where I currently am) a small town & we bump into each other often.

So I have spoken to a previous admin via chat & he & I agree that it stays. Hopefully I won’t get struck by lightning bolts. She’s a witch & even though I don’t really believe in that too much you never know what can happen. I’ve seen a lot of strange things in my life & I’ll probably see a lot more. Anyhow I’m gonna’ go have a cigarette, watch Rambo III & crash. I will try to visit this place more often.

feb2017jwgWell what can I say? Writing on my blogs, building my website & doing graphic design used to be my main passions but somehow, someway everything got pushed to the side. Nothing really new has been going on. I will try to make it here more often. I took a look at my stats & they’ve fallen. I used to have people from every continent except Australia & Antarctica. I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned it before but I am about 1/3 done my autobiography. That too has been shuffled to the side. The only thing really new is I’ve been working out at the gym with a couple of buddies since July of last year. I am doing okay but could do more if I had my abs attached properly. I had a surgery a few years ago & one day my stomach literally exploded all over a nurse & I had to regrow a gaping hole in my stomach cell by cell. That took a few months. I have a hernia to boot as well. Anyhow that is it for now.

I am writing my auto-biograhy. I’ve got 60-70 pages written down so far, but I’ve hit a wall & I’ve got to find my way around it. I didn’t keep a journal or anything like that for most of my life so there a lot of gaps, most of which I can fill in a little. Also add to that my age & memory isn’t so great after all this time. Still none the less if & when I do get it done it will be a monumental feat. Also I have read around 5 or 6 auto-biographies & there isn’t anything like mine out there. It spans everything from the mundane to the supernatural. Anyhow that is all for now.