People keep on talking about the RCMP or CAF programming me or whoever. That’s a laugh, anyhow if they really want me that bad all they have to do is fix my neck. It’s partially fused together due to Ankylosing Spondylitis. You’d need a highly specialized surgeon to cut out the fused part. Once that’s done they can have me & do whatever they want. Of course I’d need to get back into shape so they’d have to have me living somewhere where I could get back into shape, let’s say like in the mountains or foothills somewhere. Ideally it would have been the original Stampede Ranch but that recently got sold to someone I don’t know.

If I ever get back on the horse everything will begin to make sense. I am almost done my auto-biography. Views change over time & mine have done a lot of changing. Canada is a great place to live but we currently have a dork as Prime Minister. Also I sometimes wonder if we are living in the end times. There are signs popping up all over & it’s pretty hard to ignore. Sometimes I have dreams of a post apocalypse world where I am in the army but the super rich know I am an actor, poet, musician, etc., & the army loans me out to them for entertainment. Then again maybe I am having dreams of another dimension. We only know a little about the universe we live in. Maybe the Hadron Collider opened up a few more dimensions & no one knows about them just yet. If anything this will be a supplement to my auto-biography as well as my other blogs, website, etc.. Speaking of my website I have to figure out how to redesign it. The tool that I used to use no longer works because the Java script is newer than the program itself. Since I am an Adobe Cloud subscriber I might go with one of their programs if my service provider can handle it.

I haven’t been writing my autobiography for this past month because not a lot has been going on. One day however I decided to take a look at some of the electronic music I made back in 2005 & 2006 & said why not upload it to Soundcloud. If you are curious as to what it sounds like follow the link.

Work wise I have been more or less sitting idle. The Allied Arts Council is doing some renovations & I’ve been helping them out here & there. I need to find another part time job. I am a cook at The Exhibition Park & there aren’t as many shifts as there was last year. The EX needs to expand so they can accommodate bigger shows

I was curious about my stats & where some of my traffic was coming from & it’s all over the board. A lot of sites the however have shut down. What lies down the road is unknown but I moving along ever so slowly.

B-manThis photo was the one I used for a poster for the now defunct “The Jester’s Court”, It had a very short life. Only 3 shows. I had hip hop artists, poets, prose writers & I Skyped in 2 poets from Calgary for 2 different shows. The interview I had for the L.A. Beat killed it. It didn’t go the way it should have but oh well. Maybe some time in the future I will revive it. I had a lot of fun doing it & learned a lot of things.

Right now I am racing the clock to finish my auto-biography. My meagre savings will only take me so far & my current part time job as a short order cook is not happening as much as it should be. I am looking for part time work. It would be nice if I had a sugar momma or daddy to pay my rent but I don’t & doubt I ever will. I bought some lotto tickets today & if I won that would be nice but so far the most I’ve ever won from the lotto is $20. Actually I take that back one time on Sport Select I got around $80. More than likely I will end up with a free play or the usual. “Sorry you are not a winner” The sentence in itself is very judgemental. I may not be a winner but I am okay. Or at least I think so, lol. Anyhow I have to write so I’ll end this here. I keep on saying I will write more but this time I won’t & maybe I will. Ciao for now

It’s a hot July evening I am sitting at the computer & my balls are sweating. I have gone further in my autobiography than ever before. I am at a point in my late teens to early 20’s. If you knew me back then & met me today you wouldn’t think I was the same guy. Sobering up was the best thing I ever did. After that the next best thing I did was culture myself. I wrote poetry, I wrote & played songs, I learned to dance, I learned to act & a couple of other things.

Now I have my eyes set on finishing the book & see what happened afterwards. Some of it you won’t believe, some of it you can relate to, & then there are times I will be holding onto a lightning rod. If it sells good that will be awesome, if it doesn’t oh well. Anyhow I think this is it for this post I will try to make them more often & a little bit more interesting.regina

Tools of the trade

The title comes from the Pink Floyd song called “Coming Back To Life”. What can I say? The auto-biography is coming along slowly but surely. I am taking Pro Serve online in hopes I can snag some more hours at work instead of just being a cook. I am learning how to play guitar like a normal person instead of the way I play. If I am lucky I can get back to performing. I haven’t done a lot of anything since I have been in Lethbridge. It’d be nice to get a chapbook of poetry out but that is on the back burner. The autobiography comes first. I spend my days learning new stuff, I would say what but I am trying to keep it a surprise. Besides all too often in the past I’ve said I’d be doing something & nothing ever came from it. I would go on but it’s late & I need to get some sleep. Ciao for now. Oh & hello to the new readers. How you figured out how to read this & me not get any stats is a mystery. I used to really like going to read the where folks came from. People from 47 different countries have been here.

Wow I have lost all my readers. For anyone who comes across this I am currently working on writing my autobiography. I have 49 entries into it. 1 entry is usually 2 pages with several stories on it. Some entries are longer than others. I have momentum working for me right now & hope to carry on with it & be done with it in a few months from now. I took a year’s break from it & although I thought it was dumb it actually worked out for the better.

My gym buddy Tim asked me the other day “Aren’t autobiographies to be written when one is old?” Usually but not all the time. I was supposed to die when I was 13 but I got a surgery that fixed 1 of the valves in my heart & I should’ve died in my 30’s but here I am at 45. Sometimes my heartbeat is erratic but I think I still have another decade or 2 or 3 left in me. So if I was supposed to die when I was 13 or in my 30’s this makes me really old. Anyhow I guess that’s it for today. Some day I will write a new poem or add a new photo but not today. Ciao for now.